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How to whiten your teeth without damaging them?

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When it comes to finding the main reasons for teeth discoloration, there are many. Some of them are excessive consumption of carbonated drinks, easting specific foods, drinking coffee, smoking, and usual aging. No matter what’s cause, there are numerous teeth whitening procedures available today that tend to bring a big and shiny smile on people’s faces. So, in this post, we will get to know the same and how to choose safer procedure of teeth whitening in El Paso.

Teeth Whitening Trays Using Carbamide Peroxide

Getting an at-home, customized kit from your dentist is the teeth whitening procedure that is the safest, most durable, and least expensive. You fill a bespoke mouth guard the dentist makes from a mould of your mouth with whitening gel and wear it overnight or for an hour at a time. In order to safeguard your mouth and provide uniform coverage, the trays fit tightly in your mouth.

It's crucial to follow the gel dosage recommendations given by your cosmetic dentist in El Paso TX. Avoid the urge to use more since doing so might cause it to spill out of the tray and injure your gums. Your bespoke trays may be used indefinitely as long as you're diligent about using and recycling them.

In-clinic Whitening

Custom teeth whitening trays are substantially less expensive and often last longer than in-office teeth whitening, which is also much more expensive. In addition to tooth whitening gels, lasers and LED lights may also be utilised, and it often takes multiple sessions. Both of these additional procedures raise the price levied by the best dentist in El Paso TX. Additionally, while one study claims LEDs increase the effectiveness of whitening, other investigations have found no significant advantages.

Teeth Whitening Methods to Avoid

Numerous methods that purport to whiten your teeth really damage them. 

Acidic Produce

Some individuals assert that applying pineapple, strawberry, lemon, or orange peel on your teeth would whiten them. Even though these foods are healthful when consumed in moderation, they have significant levels of acid and sugar. The opposite of teeth whitening, both of those substances damage enamel and encourage tooth decay! 

Oil Pulling or Brushing With Spices

Some people choose to use oil pulling in place of brushing, or oil pulling in combination with spices like turmeric. Again, these foods are excellent elements for a meal, but there is no proof that they will whiten or clean your teeth. 

Baking Soda or Charcoal

Although baking soda and activated charcoal are just mild abrasives, they have become quite popular teeth whitening agents. Baking soda and charcoal pastes can seriously harm your mouth by wearing down the enamel and exposing the dentin below. Because dentin is weaker and more yellow than enamel, it can be exposed by any teeth-whitening product that is gritty or abrasive. 

Foods To Avoid After Undergoing Teeth Whitening Procedure

The manner you eat and drink after your teeth have been whitened greatly affects how long the effects persist. For the sake of your overall dental health, but especially if you want to keep your teeth white, you should avoid the following foods and beverages:

Coffee – This one might be difficult because most individuals like a hot cup of coffee to start their day. If you're not ready to completely give it up, think about using more milk or lowering the number of cups you consume each day. You may even use a straw to sip your coffee if you're especially careful.

Wine – Because it is dark and acidic, red wine is bad for your teeth's whiteness. Sorry, white wine drinkers; although not being black in colour, your favourite beverage still contains a significant amount of acid, which will erode your enamel.

Tea – Contrary to popular belief, black tea has a higher propensity to discolour teeth than coffee. Green tea without sugar, matcha, fruit tea, and herbal tea are substitutes that won't dim your smile's radiance.

The Conclusion

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