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How Web Design Companies Increase Profit by 40% with Recurring Revenue Streams

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A web design agency may concentrate on the clients' orders for the website's development. They may have been developing website after website, but the thing is, the agency solemnly requires recurring revenue streams to keep into the web design business.

Before one discusses further, one needs to get more about that stream. 

What is a recurring revenue stream?

Recurring revenue is a part of an organization’s revenue that will be constant in the near-term business. It means that the revenue is stable and predictable and will occur at regular intervals with assurance.

The revenue consists of a stream of periodic sales and is significant for every successful business. Examples are long-term contracts, auto-renewal subscriptions, special considerations, and cross-selling of supplementary goods.

How to increase revenue streams?

To boost revenue for the businesses, one needs to focus mainly on customers, sales & marketing efforts, pricing strategies, and business expansion. All are equally significant to improving revenues and keeping business running.

Suppose you are a businessman; how would you increase the business revenue? In order to increase revenue in business, you need to define your goals and identify your strong and weak points. It is better to focus on the repetitive customers, complementary products or services, pricing, and effective marketing strategy. It is always advisable to offer rebates and discounts to them.

To determine how design companies can raise profit by 40% by recurring revenue streams, you need to identify the key sources. The additional stream of revenues for any company would do wonders. The extra revenue not only stabilizes the company; but allows robust strategies for further progress.

Here are the key strategies that mentioned how the web design companies are able to raise their profit by 40%.

(1)   First, they find out the need in the market for web designs.

Web design companies' core fundamental lie in providing their clients with robust websites and an outstanding brand image. They know the basics of the sales funnel and its importance. Design agencies know that websites are now more than websites and are used to establish the credibility and authenticity of the brand.

(2)  They established Fractional Digital Companies.

The agencies always have options to hire internal talents or freelancers for their job, but the problem is the option could not work for most growing businesses. The alternative to this has been adopted by agencies known as a “Fractional Digital Agency”. This model gives expert online marketing services without the extra work and charges from the brand owner.

The Fractional Digital Agency is acceptable for both the marketers and clients. It allows marketers specialized services that are similar to freelancers. Also, it permits consistent client relationships for the marketing team and offers affordable pricing than conventional marketing.

Instead of charging one-time fees, the fractional digital model charges clients every month. Suppose the one-time project fee is $6000. But, the fractional model charges a recurring monthly fee of five hundred dollars ($500) for keeping the website up to date and maintaining its overall functionality.

You know, maintenance of a website is a never-ending process. It means the agency gets a $500/month client. This recurring revenue stream has become immensely profitable to the web design company.

If you are operating a website design company, there are various ways to find additional revenue streams that are right.

(3)  They focus on original clients. 

Instead of obtaining new customers, website design companies focus on their already established clients. This process is cost-efficient and effective as the clients whom they have already served are aware of their products or services. Therefore, these clients are more likely to do business with them.

To gain profit, agencies should know the customer appreciation gestures like freebies or special discounts. These gestures can make clients purchase upcoming products or services.

So dear readers, you should know that maintaining relationships with your existing customers is the most fruitful way to gain business growth. The human tendency is to be inclined towards like-minded people. Hence providing referral incentives to clients could be a game-changer.

(4)  They add complementary products or services.

The complementary package without additional cost increases sales. The package allows additional savings even though a package provides nominal savings for clients for agencies. It is a cost-efficient sales opportunity.

(5)  They make sharp pricing adjustments.

Everyone knows that the price is one of the deciding factors in making a purchase decision. Therefore, agencies make considerable price adjustments of products or services as per the inline market situation and revenue goals of agencies.

While purchasing online goods from eCommerce sites, you find daily price fluctuations of certain goods online. These fluctuations are according to the market trends, demand, and supply. Agencies adopt these methodologies to gain profit. It is effective. 

Systematically price increment may not look more awkward than one-time full-price. This strategy impacts the profit margin of a business.

Except for the above-mentioned points, agencies also offer rebates and discounts on web design services. They use effective marketing strategies like PPC, SMM, Email & Content Marketing, Public Relations, and conventional billboards and banners. Timely revitalization of sales channels and review of an online presence make agencies increase profit.

From the above discussion, one can conclude that selling web design services is not enough; one has to increase revenue streams to be profitable.

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What are the pros and cons of freelancers?

Freelancers are cost-effective, but sometimes they are risky investments, deliver low-quality work, and require more time for management.

What are the pros and cons of agencies?

Agencies are trustworthy, deliver quality work and require low time for management, but they are a bit expensive and have a slow turnaround time.

What is a factional agency?

The factional agency serves the benefits of both freelancers and agencies. It is a combination of top-notch freelancers and agencies experts.


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