How Web Push Notifications Can Benefit Your Business

Omnichannel approach is a key element of successful marketing strategy. In times of COVID-19 crisis this method become even more important and allows enterprises to maintain stable communication with their customers. To develop a successful marketing campaign that increases conversion rates, today's companies use various channels like emails, phone messages, Viber and web push notifications.

As for web push notification, it is a really great way to reach out to your site visitors, quickly and without much extra effort. Web push notifications can be called as a new marketing asset and in this article we'll explore how they can benefit your business.

What is the main advantage of web push notifications?

They’re easily incorporated in automated workflows allowing to enhance your omnichannel marketing. Due to its structure (one or no images, limited text, and CTAs), web pushes serve the best to send short important information fast. Typically they can be used to:

  • announce new blog posts;
  • promote events;
  • offer a promo code.
  • notify on changes in the system operation;
  • notify on other changes (working hours, privacy policy, pricing plans);
  • as transactional (order details, shipment confirmation, etc.)

A few tips to optimize your web push strategy

  • Send a welcome push notification. Let people know they have successfully performed subscription and may expect to hear from you soon.
  • Add dynamic content (velocity scripting) for more personalized content.
  • Be smart with copywriting. Web pushes are space-limited messages, so make sure you make your texts as clear and crisp. Include only important information, and avoid language and emojis that can be misinterpreted.
  • Set the right TTL (time to live). TTL is a time gap during which a push notification can be stored if the user isn’t currently online and not available for delivery. There is no need to set TTL for days or even weeks if you’re sending an invitation to join a live webinar. When the subscriber is back offline, this information (as well as the event) will no longer be relevant.
  • Add a simple promo code. A user can’t reopen a web push like, for example, emails, so try to include a short and memorable promo code. People may not use it straight after receiving, but “GIFT” has more chances to be remembered and used later than “FthhiKUhskpdfk98” or something like this.

Other benefits of web pushes

  • Simple and fast subscription.
  • You can reach customers anytime they’re online.
  • You don’t deal with invalid contacts.
  • Web pushes are really easy to build and they are always noticed.
  • Web push launch doesn’t require tech skills and code knowledge.


What do you think?

Written by Myroslav Protsan

Marketing Specialist at eSputnik.


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