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Whenever the global market has started focusing on the vulnerabilities  that can expose them to heinous cyber-attacks, we have found them to be prone to cyber-crime. If we dig deep to gauge the main reason behind this, we will find out that most organisations are facing difficulty in implementing a stable plan that can help them in tackling cyber-attacks in real time.

Most of the companies in the global market have unprotected data that makes them subjected to data loss. But it is not only about the poor cyber-security practises within their structure, but also Their negligence towards the role of professionals in this respect that has made them witness notorious cyber-crimes.

Looking at the current scenario, it is important for every business entity to make cyber security awareness and prevention a must within their structure.

And to understand the need for cyber security awareness every company is required to have enough information at their disposal. Maybe after getting acquainted with such information, companies will understand why it is important to have an information security consultant. Not only that, but also the fact that they are required to be proactively involved while building security measures along with the consultants.


The year 2020 had witnessed a number of cyber-crimes as the companies were forced to create remote workforces due to the pandemic. So much so was the impact that have every industry in the global market was witnessing at least one major cyber-attack.

Even the rise of 5G network and its increasing bandwidth of connected devices made IoT devices more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. One of the major threats to the cyber-security space of the global market is the fact that with the rise of remote workforces, the cloud breaches will also increase in number.

Not only that, but it is also an equally important issue that if all the employees continue to operate on the remote platform, they will continue to be a suitable target for cyber-attackers around the world.


Human error has been one of the most prominent reasons for the increasing number of cyber-security breaches. According to a recently published report, almost 95% of the cyber-security breaches were due to human error.

This goes on to imply the fact that the companies are not focusing on training their employees to add resilience within the organisational structure. Or, in other words, we can safely add that the role of professionals like cyber-security consultants is not being taken seriously.

If the organisations had understood the importance of having a consultant, they would have hired a suitable candidate that could have help them in training their workforce to tackle any cyber-attack that might befall upon them and mitigate the chances of getting exposed to a cyber-threat.

Network breaches have reached to such an immense height that last year, all the data breaches exposed up to 36 billion records. And this number only reflect the records that were exposed in the first half of 2020.

Companies around the world should understand that if they are not being able to understand the impact of getting exposed to a cyber-attack, they might as well forget about their business continuity efforts. It is not uncommon to state that a cyber-security threat also impacts the BCP of a firm. Therefore, it would be nonsensical to assume that a firm focuses on hiring business continuity consulting firms without paying attention to the resilience of their network infrastructure.

If by looking at these facts, one assumes that it is only because of the pandemic that the global market is experiencing these network breaches, some facts can clear the air.

But before talking about the past, let us be clear on one thing, the practice of not paying heed to the role of an information security consultant is not a new thing.

In the year 2019, almost 88% of organisation experienced spear phishing attempts. Apart from this, the total number of recorded breaches between January 1, 2005, and May 31, 2020, was 11,762.

These number show that the negligence on the part of the organisations is not a new trend.


The above facts and figures only go on to explain the fact that the global market has not been paying attention to their role in protecting their firm from cyber-attacks. But apart from stating facts about their vulnerabilities, mentioning measures that can help them, is equally imperative.

  • Firms should look for the best consultants that can help them in understanding the steps that they are required to take.
  • Cyber-security consultants around the world should take the responsibility to approach firms that might need their help. While approaching them, the consultants should be aware that most firms do not understand the need for consultants. Therefore, it is important to make them realise why it is important to hire consultants.


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