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What is the biggest mistake that guys make when training in a gym?They OneAnd Done Workout Review  only train their mirror muscles. By that I mean most guys only train the muscles that you can see – so the front of your thighs – the quads – to the neglect of the hamstrings and the glutes. This is the same for the upper body as well. The chest gets hit the most and so do the biceps while the bigger muscles – the lats in your back and your triceps get forgotten about or only trained once every other week.

Well today you are about to discover 3 exercises for fat legs that require no machines and nothing but your own bodyweight as resistance. These 3 exercises, when combined with smart healthy eating guidelines will help get rid of your bulky legs and replace them with muscle and leave you looking great and confident about wearing shorts again. The key is to hit all areas of your legs and these bodyweight exercises do just that.

A great exercise if you have bad knees as it doesn't place as much stress on them as squats do. Simply stand against a wall and lower your back down the wall until your thighs are parallel (or thereabouts) to the ground. And then you hold. Beginners try 30 secs. Advanced people aim for 1 minute plus. If that is still easy you can do what I call Walking Wallsits. That is where you lift your feet about an inch off the ground and alternate them like you are walking on the spot. May look funny but very effective! Works your quads, hamstrings and butt all at the same time.



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