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How You Can Identify Your Unique Sound as a Rapper

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Rap music originally came about as a form of expression for those living in communities that were economically disadvantaged. It was a way for them to voice their thoughts and frustrations about the social issues they faced. However, the genre has since blown up, with people from all walks of life using it as a platform to share their ideas. The catchy beats and melodies have made it appealing to listeners all over the world, even if they don't agree with the message being conveyed.

Before you even start, you need to figure out your priorities. Being a rapper in India means that you have to be able to stand out from the crowd. There are a lot of new rappers emerging daily, so it's important to have a sound or style that is unique to you. It's easy to get frustrated with all of the work that goes into creating songs, so you need to be prepared for criticism. Don't take it personally if people don't like your music or if they accuse you of using stolen beats.

This write-up is for those who want to learn how to find their sound. We'll be walking you through the process from start to finish. Let's take a look at some considerations.

1.Prioritize Delivery

A great technique to develop when writing rap lyrics is to ensure that you deliver your poetry on the beat and with rhythm. This will require proper pronunciation, making sure each word sounds just as possible. Carrying the same tone throughout your song becomes repetitive for both you and your listeners, so to avoid this boring theme, you'll have to modulate your voice according to the lyrics and flow. The easiest way to understand how a beat should be felt is by repeatedly listening, and becoming familiar with its progression, drops, and overall feeling.

2.Lyrics and Flow

Lyricists are responsible for the Delivery of the lyrics, which can impact the overall tone or feeling of the song. A good lyricist understands that flow and Delivery are key to keeping listeners engaged. The best flows have a structure that is based on factors like rhyme scheme, bar lines, and even pronunciation of certain words.

3.Play With Your Sound / Practice

Now that we've gone over getting started with audio creation and processing, it's time to focus on your main character and their back story. Now that you have your foundation, it's time to explore everything surrounding it. As time-consuming as recording may be, keep in mind that this is the groundwork you need if you want a solid story! The best way to make a memorable voice is through modulation – which involves using techniques such as pitch shifting and modulating volume and intonation while telling compelling stories.

4.Stick With Your Sound

Anyone can tell that Drake and Eminem have two totally different ways of speaking when they're rapping. But if you listen to their songs, you might notice that they actually sound a lot alike. This is because they're both good at keeping a consistent tone when they record music. This makes it so that all of their audiences can easily associate all of their songs with them. If you want to achieve this, you could record as many auditions as possible until you're able to master creating a spoken tone that is distinctively yours and suitable for each respective song of yours.

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