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Generating brand awareness can be challenging, particularly when reaching a specific audience. This is where Google Advertising can help.

By leveraging Google Ads and other ad tools, you can ensure your brand appears when people search for what you have to offer. 

PPC advertising is an excellent resource for eCommerce retailers who aim to increase their brand awareness. Most PPC professionals prefer working with a google ad specialist who can employ profitable strategies to increase brand awareness while also improving their ROAS. 

Using Google Ads to analyze brand awareness

Google Ads is a tool that allows you to manage ads across Google's Search and Display Networks. You can effectively analyze the statistics while running advertisements through it, serving as the foundation for further conclusions on brand awareness.

When you launch ad campaigns for brand queries, you'll be able to track how many impressions and clicks your ad receives. This way, you'll know whether customers in the search network are searching for your company by name. 

You can also run banner ads on the Display Network and measure the CTR to research brand awareness. Use your logo and name in the banners, along with a standard offer. The results will be relative and can only be used with other performance metrics recorded throughout the evaluation.


Tips for Growing Brand Awareness With Google PPC

While there are countless creative ways of raising brand awareness, consider that your ultimate objective is to build your reputation and ultimately drive sales. Focusing on those can help with making strategic decisions in the future.


Identify your target market

When it comes to employing Google Advertising, identifying the target market is necessary for reaching the right users via the Google Display Network. Here, advertisers can target individuals with a range of effective modalities.

Do you know who purchases your product or service? Do you know what you're attempting to reach with your brand awareness campaign? This can be challenging if you're trying to break into a new market or switch your focus. There is a possibility that your target market does not include your previous buyers. Make an effort to be specific with what you’re looking for in your target market.


Understand the behavior of your target market

Once you know your target audience, you can find out what they do regularly. Which websites do they frequently use? What applications or tools do they employ? What social media platforms do they use? 

Focus your attention on areas where you expect to find your target market. It's a waste of time and money to broadcast ads to customers who aren't in your target demographic. The more you know about your target market, the more you can focus on specific sites to showcase your advertisements.


Diversify the kind of ads you run

Since this is about brand awareness, you'll want to make sure you're spreading the word about your brand in more than one location and through various ad streams. For instance, you can use Facebook advertising along with Google Advertising or any other formula that works best for your business. You may also retarget ads through Google to keep your brand exposed to those who have visited your website or social media pages.


Optimize your ads for mobile

The time users spend on their mobile devices is drastically increasing. More time spent searching on a mobile device equals more exposure to mobile advertising.

Creating a PPC strategy that caters to mobile users does not have to be complicated. When developing your PPC strategy, consider how your ad will appear on mobile and whether your ad copy is mobile-friendly. Also, make sure that your PPC ads direct users to a mobile-friendly landing page.


Use Proper Keywords and Phrases

Although many buyers will see your commercials, brand awareness is about getting the right people to see them. Not only that but having those right people see your brand at the right time is equally important.

When you use specific keywords and phrases, your advertisements are more likely to appear before your target audience.


Final Words

Google PPC is an excellent means of generating online sales, collecting leads, and achieving almost any other goal you have for your business. If you’re not sure how to get started, get in touch with a trusted Google Advertising Agency, who can help you gain quality traffic and conversion with their lucrative PPC strategies.


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