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Email marketing is an amazing tool for all kinds of industries. Through email, you can deliver a lot of things, right from pitching your ideas to telling the audience what's new and upcoming. You probably know the basics of writing an email, but have you wondered about the nicks and nacks of building a strong email design? Well, this article is all about some of the best practices and tips to get the most value out of your unique email design. 

Improving delivery 

Email deliverability is the statistics that distinguish your email's content and the sender's reputation. Experts believe that 80% of this deliverability depends on the sender's reputation interpreted by the inbox provider, whereas the 20% is the content you send. Gmail algorithms identify the mails with all text or all images and depending on the ratio. It can trigger it as spam. Read through the keys to create a happy and engaging email: 

  • Create concise emails with clear calls to action. 

  • Show respect as you're like a guest to the subscriber's inbox. 

  • Personalizing your email is way beyond important. Create dynamic content that touches the interests of the users. 

  • Check with your audience if you're meeting their requirements or not. 

  • Create content that people can relate to and remember for long without acting spammy. 

Accessible email designing 

The designers should also create in mind what kind of designs can prompt the users to click the call to action button. 

  • Ensure that your alt text is descriptive. 

  • The blend of definitions and imagery impact the cognitions very well. 

  • Pay close attention to the colors. A good combination of colors can seamlessly attract users. 

  • Don't use images for CTAs.

  • You can effectively use inline links or bulletproof buttons.

  • Make the best use of live text instead of using images as text or images with text overlaid as live text can easily attract the eyes of the readers. 

  • Alignment matters a lot. Thus, ensure that everything is evenly spaced and aligned. 

Integrate videos 

Although integrating videos with your email isn't as easy as you think. It needs you to take help from third-party services like Liveclicker. In order to embed videos in the email, you have to code, which demands a little extra cost and, of course, skills. Also, you can add supported animated GIFs. Well, animation and videos have proved to increase engagement and render additional clicks via your email. 

Design emails for dark mode 

More and more people are using the dark mode. No doubt, dark mode enhances the app's appearance as well as web experiences. Here are a few best practices to deal with dark modes in the email: 

  • You can send or add images in two formats, JPegs that maintain their backgrounds and PNGs that give a transparent background. You can use any of the two dispensing on your preference or testing. 

  • Apply white outlines or outer glow to the PNG icons or logos that are dark. This will keep it from hiding in the dark mode.

  • Get a full proof control of your CSS style and attributes like color, background, background color, etc. 

  • Test your emails a hundred times before you finally send them to the subscribers. The tests can be done with colleagues or co-workers who can tell you the results, and you can compare the different scenarios. 

Design is surely the fundamental part of an Email Marketing campaign. You need to make sure that it looks pretty and impressive to the customers. These little details will play a crucial factor in defining the marketing and your relationship with customers in the long run. You may not believe it, but emails can influence final decisions on call-to-action buttons. 

Wrap up 

Wrapping up the tips that might be useful to your email marketing, there is another way to achieve the desired results – hire for email marketing services. The email marketing services from the experts can genuinely impact your entire campaign within a few weeks. Also, you get additional benefits from costing, knowledge, skills, and obviously, sharing the email marketing load. In such a case, contact or book consultation with Ambitious – the best marketing company you can ever find! 

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