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HP Printer Error: Some Common Error Codes and How to Fix Them

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Some of the HP error codes are very common, and often occur in printers. Whenever you find your printer not working properly or display any kind of fault. It is probably due to an error code. And the printer will notify you about the error code on your computer screen or on the printer. Here, we have gathered some of the error codes that are often found when the printer stops working. Find your error code among these below-mentioned problems, and fix it right away such as: 

How can you clear HP error codes on the printer?

For most cases, resetting the simple printer cable will remove the HP error message. All you need to do is follow the guide given below, and do everything accordingly. Here are the steps that you need to consider such as:

  • The first step is to turn your printer on as usual. 
  • On the second step, you need to wait a bit. And before you continue make sure your printer is in stationary mode.
  • When your printer is on, you need to unplug the power cable given on the back of the printer. 
  • And then you need to remove the power cord from the plug socket as well.
  • Now, you need to wait for 60 seconds minimum. 
  • After waiting for 60 seconds, plug the power cable into the plug socket. And make sure to reconnect the power cable to the back of the printer as well. 
  • Once you have done all of the above instructions, turn the printer on. 
  • Now wait until your printer is normal and silent. And check for the error messages whether they disappeared or not. 

In case the reset process did not work, then check the HP error codes given below. And try to fix the problem with given solutions. Also, you need to check the printer manual for more information. Here, we have mentioned each common error codes, take a look and find your error code’s solutions such as:

Error Code 02: Warming up

The HP error code is basically affiliated with printer cable or driver problems. You simply need to turn off the printer, and then turn it back on. Once you have done this, the error code should disappear. If this method does not work, then turn off your printer. And take the power cable out for at least 30 seconds. Now remove your printer cable, and turn the power back on. If the issue is still not fixed, then it is probably due to a hardware problem. In this case, seek professional help or contact the HP customer care helpline. 

Error Code 10: Memory Error

If your printer is showing a problem with the printer cartridge chip, and having trouble reading. Then it may be due to being scratched, dislodged, or not installed in the printer properly. If the printer is facing a problem with a toner cartridge chip and is unable to read it. Then you need to turn off your printer and take the power cable for a minimum of 30 seconds. After removing the power cable, remove the printer cable, and put it back on. Now you should try to place the printer cartridge. And if the problem is still there, then it must be a hardware problem. 

Error Code 11: Paper Out

It is an easy error code that can be resolved. If your printer’s paper tray is out, you just fill the paper tray. And if the printer is still showing an error code, but the paper tray is not empty. Then there must be a problem with the paper sensor, or it might be a tray. You need to make sure that your paper sensor and the optical sensor are not damaged. 

Error Code 12: No EP or Open

If the toner cartridge in the printer is properly installed, this error may suggest either the PS5 sensors or the cover is open. Also, it may indicate that the cooling fans are defective. To resolve the error code, you need to make sure that the toner cartridges are installed and closed properly. If still your printer gets stuck with this error code. Then your printer might be struggling with a hardware problem.

Error Code 13: Paper Jam

If your printer displays error code 13, and you have a newer model of HP printer. Then follow the instructions given on the screen, and it will resolve your error code. The newer HP printer models will show you the location of the paper jam area. But the older models will not show you the paper jam problem. You will need to figure it out yourself. While attempting the access points in the printer, you should not use any sharp tools. They might end up damaging the printer and creating more problems.

Error Code 14: No EP Cartridge

If this error pops up, then it must be due to no cartridge being installed or the printer is not associating with the cartridge. Usually, you can resolve the error by reinstalling the cartridge. And if it does not work, then reset the printer by removing the cartridge. Then install it again after giving some time off for your printer. 

Error Code 16: Toner Low:

This is one of the basic problems that you will face and can be fixed instantly. When this error code shows up, then this simply means that the toner cartridge is out of toner. Despite showing the error code, toner might still include some toner powder in the cartridge. You need to remove the cartridge and then gently shake it to reprocess the remaining toner powder in the cartridge.

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