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HPE Software

HPE, or Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, is an American multinational corporation in the field of information technology and business network equipment. The company is headquartered in California, USA and as its name suggests, this company is a subsidiary of HP Company. The main focus of this brand is on the market of various commercial companies. Manufacturing products related to network equipment such as servers, storage, related software, consulting services, support services and financial services are the main activities of this company.

Network management and monitoring software is one of the products that this company releases and supports. There are many applicants for network related licenses to this software. In the following, we will introduce three software, each of which in some way simplifies the network management operation.

HPE Power Advisor

The power consumed in HPE servers is largely dependent on the server model used and the components installed on it, including the processor, storage, memory modules, cards installed in the expansion slots (Controllers, Adapters) and other items. Therefore, when preparing a list of components, you must first calculate the consumption of all items and consider a good estimate for items that may be added to the server in the future, and then choose a power supply that is appropriate to the total power consumption of the system and components. Of course, keep in mind that for each server, there is a specific power supply. For example, for the DL380 G10 series servers, three power supply models with capacities of 800W, 500W and 1600W are presented.


HPE 3PAR Operating System Software

Another important software related to HPE products is the HPE 3PAR StoreServ 8000, 9000, 20000 series of basic storage software. These applications combine advanced virtualization capabilities with simple storage management and robust performance, providing a very acceptable output to the user. These capabilities include a variety of thin provisioning. Options such as System Tuner, Dynamic Optimization and Automatic Rebalance help keep system performance at the highest level.

It also makes it easier to transfer existing data from Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA) and 3PAR systems to the 3PAR StoreServ HPE storage using customizable and purchasable licenses. The software includes Virtual Copy for fast application recovery and greatly reduces costs by thin-aware and minimizing the amount of physical capacity.

This feature, which can be achieved by obtaining existing licenses, reduces costs without compromising system performance, availability, and adaptability. All of these applications are available with the device’s own controllers on HPE 3PAR storage models, and you only need to get licenses that fit the system performance.

HPE 3PAR Operating System Software

HPE 3PAR operating system software is the basis of HPE 3PAR StoreServ 7000 and 10,000 series storage software. This software combines advanced virtualization capabilities with simple storage management and great performance. The thin provisioning feature allows users to take advantage of features such as start thin, get thin and stay thin. Tuner and Autonomic Rebalance system help maintain high performance over time.



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