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In the realm of agriculture, soil health is paramount to sustainable crop production. Phosphorus (P), a crucial nutrient for plant growth and development, plays a vital role in root formation, flowering, and fruit set.

Nutritional Profile and Composition

BOP 50kg Bio Organo Phosphate P2O5 20% is made by supplementing compost with rock phosphate and inoculating it with plant growth-promoting rhizobacterial (PGPR) strains, namely Bacillus thuringiensis strain K5. The mix of organic materials, mineral phosphate, and helpful bacteria gives the fertilizer excellent properties.

  • Phosphorus (P2O5): 20%
  • Organic Matter: 15%
  • Bacillus thuringiensis strain K5: Promotes plant growth and suppresses soil-borne pathogens

Recommendations and Application

BOP 50kg Bio Organo Phosphate P2O5 20% has a wide range of applications, including cereals, pulses, oilseeds, vegetables, and horticultural plants. Application rates are recommended based on soil type, crop nutrient requirements, and local agricultural practices.

Basal Application: Incorporate the fertilizer into the soil during land preparation, ensuring uniform distribution.

Top Dressing: Apply the fertilizer as a top dressing around the base of plants during the growing season.

Foliar Application: Prepare a dilute solution of the fertilizer and apply it as a foliar spray to enhance nutrient uptake.


BOP 50kg Bio Organo Phosphate P2O5 20% is a tribute to the evolution of environmentally friendly agriculture techniques. This bio-organo fertilizer enables farmers to obtain increased crop yields while protecting the delicate balance of ecosystems by supplying readily available phosphorus, boosting soil health, and minimizing environmental effect. As the demand for sustainable agricultural solutions grows, BOP 50kg Bio Organo Phosphate P2O5 20% will play a critical role in determining agriculture's future.



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