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How to Chromecast from an iPhone

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Chromecast devices offer you the best experience of streaming that connects to your internet. So we would not be frightened if it’s one of your top decisions for streaming dongles. Apple products don’t play well with non-apple products, though. IOS device users may wonder if they cast on a Chromecast from an iPhone. Below you will find the complete instructions on how you can Chromecast from an iPhone.


How to Chromecast from an iPhone?

You may think that iPhone devices won’t play perfectly with google Chromecast dongles; these work perfectly together. You can use an iPhone to stream content to a Chromecast device and set up Chromecast by using the iOS google home app. This means you can use your iPhone with a Chromecast device from starting to end. To start the procedure, you need some software. Your iPhone will have to be running at least iOS 14. In addition, you will also need an HDMI-capable TV and a Wi-Fi connection. The only thing your iPhone can officially do is mirror the complete screen to Chromecast.

Instructions for Setting Up a Chromecast Using an iPhone

If the Chromecast is new, then you will need to complete the set-up procedure, which you can easily do from your iPhone by following these steps:

  • Firstly, download the “Google Home App” on your iPhone, then set it up with your account on google if you have not.
  • After that, plug the Chromecast device into your TV through HDMI and to an outlet using the power accessories.
  • Now, let the Chromecast device turn on.
  • If the Chromecast is with google TV, then you have to pair the remote until the LED of the remote lights up; you need to press and hold the “Back” and “Home” buttons.
  • Select your “Language” and then go to your iPhone and open the “Google Home” mobile app.
  • In the google home app, tap the “+” sign and select the “Set Up Device” and then “New Devices” options.
  • Next, select your “Location” and hit the “Next” button.
  • After that, the app will search for nearby devices in pairing mode; once it finds the Chromecast, select the “Next” button.
  • Click the “Scan Mode” and scan the “QR Code” on your TV.
  • Now, your iPhone will pair with Chromecast. Read and accept the “Terms and Conditions.”
  • Select the room your Chromecast will live in and hit the “Next” button.
  • Choose the “Wi-Fi” network you wish the Chromecast to connect to. Click on the “Next” button and wait for a minute until the Chromecast connects to Wi-Fi.
  • Log in to your google account and hit the “Continue” button on your iPhone.
  • Once you sign in, accept the “Privacy and Policy Terms.”
  • Google Home app will give you some tips and ask you to “Allow” particular permission.
  • Finally! You can use your Chromecast; if you have Chromecast with google TV, then the screen of the TV will run you through the procedure of setting up the power control and remotes volume for your TV. It will also take time to download or install mobile apps.

How to Chromecast from an iPhone?

Once your Chromecast device is accessible for prime time, it’s time to start the procedure of Chromecast from your iPhone by following the below steps:

  • Firstly, find the “Chromecast-Supported” app on your iPhone. In this case, we use YouTube.
  • Then, find the “Content” you wish to cast and launch it.
  • Find and click the “Chromecast Icon.”
  • Lastly, select the “Device” to cast to and pick your Chromecast to complete the process.

Ways to Mirror Your iPhone Screen to Chromecast

If you are using a PC or an android device, then you can mirror your device screen to Chromecast. Unfortunately, this is the only thing you can’t do on Chromecast with your iPhone. But as always, though, the community is always available to help. Various apps on the apple store will help to mirror your screen to Chromecast. Our all-time favorite one is the screen mirror- a smart view cast. It works great, and you can use its function for free.

  • Firstly, download the “Screen Mirror – Smart View Cast” mobile app through the apple app store.
  • Next, launch the app and visit the “Set-Up Wizard.” It’s pretty self-informative.
  • Choose the “Screen Mirroring” option from the list.
  • After that, make your selection and click the “Chromecast Icon” to make sure that you are connected to the correct chrome cast device.
  • Then, Click on the “Record” option to start screen mirroring.
  • Then, the “Screen Broadcast” window will open. Select the “Start Broadcast” button.
  • After a few seconds, your iPhone screen will appear on Chromecast-connected TV.
  • Once you are done, select the “Stop Broadcast” button.




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