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From traditional advertising to adopting digital innovations to reach the target audience, the brands keep trying the new and the old form of advertising. This time the brands are making a move towards one of its kind advertising platform, the ‘private radio advertising‘ in trains. Combining transit advertising with radio advertising, pumps up the ability of the advertising message to reach wide audience.

How does private radio advertising in train works?

Popular Indian trains like Shatabdi, Rajdhani, and Vande Bharat etc have most of the facilities that make travel easy and comfortable. Apart from comfortable seats, separate boogies and delicious food, these train offer entertainment services that help the riders kill their dwell time easily. The private radio station is one of the entertainment services these trains provide to its riders. The riders can listen to songs, interviews, talks and other interesting things on these in-door radio stations.  

To advertise on these in-door private radio stations, the brands can book slots for advertising, sponsor programmes and play brand jingles to attract the attention of the train riders.

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What are the benefits of advertising on in-door private branded radio in trains?

  • These trains have riders from upper middle class category who are also the decision makers of the family. The in-door radio ads have the ability to influence their decision and buying behaviour.
  • Trains like Shatabdi, Vande Bharat and other superfast trains cover important cities in India like Delhi, Ahmedabad, Kanpur, Lucknow, Chandigarh, Dehradun, Amritsar, Ajmer, Varanasi, Mumbai and many more. Thus taking the advertising message to large set of audience.
  • The advertisers can choose from multiple ad formats to advertise themselves through in-door private train radio such as ad jingles, sponsorship of weather forecast, special programmes, voice notes, traffic updates, city updates etc.
  • The in-door radio ads have the ability to engage the audience while they are looking for something to kill their dwell time as there is no escape from the train premises until their destination arrives. The brands can utilise the dwell time to connect to the audience more effectively when they are in a receptive mood.
  • Trains run for long durations and to different cities on a single route. Therefore, the ads played in trains are live 24 x 7 thus boosting the reach and exposure of the brand message.
  • Train riders are a mix of national and international audience, thus taking the brand message to far off places through captive audience.
  • Train radio-ads create brand value and positive brand image.

Private branded radio ads in trains act as a lucrative advertising medium to connect with the target audience easily and effectively. In-door train radio ads trigger high brand recall, build brand familiarity and create brand awareness easily at affordable rates.

Types of Advertising Options in FM Radio in India

Types of Advertising Options in FM Radio in India



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