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Passion for dance has turned into new motivation with Lola Love Dancer

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Many will feel strange at hearing Lola Love Dancer. This name implies that passion is more powerful than surname. This renowned life coach has shown tremendous memorable dancing to Israeli and other parts of audience. She has also performed with Godfather of soul.

You are in easy access with multi-talented personality

It is really nice that language coordinator, dancer, actress, choreographer, producer, manager and consultant is in easy access to you. She just flows with her self-believe and care to people who contact her to strengthen their personal relations or carving a new route for professional accomplishment.

Experience of language pathologist has developed into a mind reader

Her 8 years experience of language pathologist in New York City public schools has enabled her to read minds of people surrounding her. She never allows any negativity affect her professional glory and personal peace. She says that her experience of arranging early language intervention program for students comprising kindergarten and high school students is a foundation stone to handle different corporate personalities at ease. After all, we all have some child traits within us. Fuelling correct traits can help us to be focus on our goal despite obstacles nearby.

Nearness to divine power enable you to avoid negativity near to  you

She is on mission to expose young people to the opportunities in the big world. She further guides to go beyond your neighbourhood. Few minutes of meditation or you can call doing prayer to divine power develop positivity in us. That educates us to see colourful side of each incident and people connected with it.

There is no need to harm your life if some dear one has hurt your feelings. One has done wrong to you and you are allowing his perceptions rule your mind and body. Come on, notice the potential within you. Talk to you for 5 minutes everyday, it will explain you all the things that has to be performed in the continuity of your dreams. Your struggle is with you only. Don’t involve anyone with it. If you find assistance from your home, its fine otherwise walk alone to prove your purpose of life.

You are reading about high energetic life coach

You may have met many life coaches but this coach is a high energy personality She further explains that how negative energy that you extrude out into the world become a major obstacle in making out genuine human connection.


Must read her book “Sweet Tips from Lola’s Lips: Fifty-Two Ways to Raise Your Vibration and Live the Life You Choose”. Whenever any elderly member taps on your shoulder, you feel energetic and it appeals that sorrow has minimized in your life. It is the glory of vibrations that is weighing down your burden into easiness. Your meeting with positive people gift you such glory naturally. The world is mix of positive and negative people so do 5 minutes meditation before going to bed every day. It will throw out all negativity before seeding it for the next day. 

A one line said by Lola Love Dancer has made life of many. It goes like this – “Anything is possible, you just have to believe!” Are you feeling a new sensation by reading this article? If yes then apply all the information into new success story.



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