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Huntkey Released 100W GaN Fast Chargers

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On December 22, Huntkey Group held the Fast Charging Standards and New Product Launch Conference. Space Science and Technology Institute (Shenzhen), China Quality Certification Centre (Shenzhen Branch), many local and consumer electronics media also attended this conference. There were three main topics, including fast charging industry standards, the development prospects of technological products and the carbon neutrality and carbon peak process of the power supply industry.

1. Rebuild a New Height of Safe and Fast Charging

Ji Xu, Dean of Space Science and Technology Institute (Shenzhen) (SZSISC), said Huntkey and SZSISC are a strategic cooperative relationship. In the future, the two parties will focus on new technologies, new materials, and environmental protection to jointly promote the development of aerospace-quality scientific and technological products in the field of manned spaceflight.

Generally speaking, the product quality can be divided into from low to high, aerospace-grade > military-grade > industrial-grade > consumer-grade, and Huntkey is one of the pioneers in upgrading the quality of consumer-grade products to aerospace-grade.

Manned spaceflight is not only the application of the highest modern technology but also a powerful promoter of society’s top scientific and technological progress. For example, the application of photocatalyst technology represented by Oucica in space capsules and the use of satellite navigation systems in aerospace have a major impact on social development. Behind all this is the support of countless “Huntkey men” who have high standards and strict requirements in technology and quality.

Ming Han, deputy director of China Quality Certification (Shenzhen branch), said that CQC and Huntkey have a long history of cooperation. From the time Huntkey obtained the first CCC certificate issued by CQC in the power industry, it has been 20 years.

In 2009, Huntkey actively participated in the development of energy-saving certification standards when formulating the “Technical Standards for Energy-saving Certification of Switching Power Supplies for Microcomputers”.

In 2011, in the process of advancing the new version of GB4943–2011 standard, Huntkey actively responded to the strict requirements of 5000m above sea level and tropical climate, and raised the new safety standard by 1.48 times, and took the lead in proposing an upgraded version of the full range of power supplies, setting a pioneering model in the industry.

In 2019, in the process of formulating dual certification performance standards, Huntkey participated in more than 20 of the CQC1626 and CQC1627 standards, and actively explored the cutting-edge technology of Chinese power supply performance standards, and strive to be the origin of parameter index innovation.

Mr.Han concluded that Huntkey’s efforts in the power supply industry in the past 26 years were obvious. In the chaos of the fast charging market, Huntkey has the responsibility and ability to rebuild a new height of safe fast charging.

2. Interpretation Conference on Three Major Points

(1) Huntkey’s Major Technologies

Ru Zhao, Huntkey Quick Charge Security Officer, explained Huntkey’s strength, safe fast charging standards, current market products, and fast charging cutting-edge technologies. He emphasized that in response to the disorder in the current fast charging market, Huntkey, as a leading power supplier, will continue to play its role as a leading power supplier and take the lead in initiating changes. The significance is to fill in the security gap that the national and industry safety fast charge standards failed to assess.

The higher-level safety and fast charging industry standards initiated by Huntkey include five safety standards of “performance safety, abnormal safety, structural safety, process safety, and general safety”, which won the applause and support of the participants.

At the same time, when the safe fast charging standard was released, CQC and Huntkey Group signed a safe fast charging technology cooperation framework agreement, which represents that CQC will jointly promote safe fast charging industry standards with Huntkey in the future. Ming Han, Deputy Director of CQC (Shenzhen Branch), and Guirong Ye, Vice President of Huntkey, signed the contract.

(2) Huntkey 100W GaN Fast Chargers New Product Release

With a strong technical background, Huntkey 100W GaN fast chargers are available on a large scale for the first time. Huntkey G100 fast chargers have 1 USB-A and 2 USB-C ports, support PD3.0 protocol and Android super fast charge. Compared with other 100W products in the market, the size is smaller and more portable. It can charge the phone with 60% power in half an hour. It satisfies multiple charging needs including smartphones, tablets, laptops, earphones, cameras and so on. At this conference, Huntkey proposed for the first time the concept of a new consumption scene with high-power fast charging.

(3) Future Direction of Huntkey’s Fast Chargers–High-Power and Multi-Port

After the new product was unveiled, Huntkey’s safety and fast charging product director, Shunmei Chen, explained the future direction of fast charging. Huntkey will try to improve the situation of “slow, large, expensive, less power”, and create a product with “fast, small, inexpensive, and more power” features. He gave three promises to consumers: more voltage, more protocols, and more interface.

3. Huntkey Advocated the Power Industry to Jointly Promote Low-Carbon Economy

There is also a special part in this conference, the release of Huntkey’s low-carbon index in 2021 and the announcement of the low-carbon declaration for the power industry led by Huntkey. Maoqi Liu, CEO of Huntkey, summarized the achievements and social contributions in low-carbon environmental protection over the past 11 years. In the current carbon neutrality and carbon peak have become the future development direction of the company. Mr. Liu said that Huntkey has been in a low-carbon economic mode for more than 10 years. Since the establishment of the 10-member safety team in 2010, Huntkey has truly put low-carbon into work practice. In the next 10 years, Huntkey will continue to advocate for the power industry to work together to fully support Chinese carbon peak in 2030. Put energy saving and emission reduction throughout the design of product power consumption, and contribute to the community of human destiny.

Developing low-carbon technology and creating an environmentally friendly life is Huntkey’s long-term development philosophy. It is Huntkey’s constant pursuit to become a respected enterprise and help the development of the energy industry.

At the beginning of the third decade of the 21st century, Huntkey works with national standard-setting unions, aerospace scientific research institutions, and industry-renowned media to declare to the world, to be the maker of fast-charging industry standards, a practitioner of low-carbon economy, and a leader of environmental protection technology.



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