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I deliver takeout in the world by Krypton Gold Ou Huang

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“Wasn't there a new man at school, Ye Chen, two days ago?” “Ha ha ha, in the group, I said a word to wilt!” “Spicy chicken newcomer, don't respect seniors at all?”? Court death Huang Tian has an arrogant face! He hates those new people who are in the limelight! These new people, even more handsome than their own, than their own can also recruit school sister like!? How can this be tolerated? Must be severely suppressed! “Ha ha ha, in my Huang Tian's hands, many brilliant new people, also have to give me a plate!” Heart muttered two sentences, and then, Huang Tian continued to send! “The new people don't talk!”? …… Ye Chen is really bored! If this is face to face, it is absolutely a big mouth! I can't even compare your passport photo. Why should I go to Yingguo? Unfortunately, now is WeChat, separated by such a long distance, Ye Chen can not do anything out of line! “It would be nice to go to the world of watchdogs or the Matrix and learn some hacker skills.”! If I learn hacker technology, I have a hundred ways to kill this yellow sky without violence! Ye Chen sighed in his heart that sometimes, no matter how powerful people are, they can't solve some problems, such as when they quarrel with people in the Wechat group. To warn this yellow sky. Then, he @ this Huang Tian! “Shut up.”. ” However, this Huang Tian feels good about himself in an instant! It's blown! “Senior is also you can @!?” “You don't have a B number in your heart!” “I don't want to see it again!” “Apologize to me!” “Otherwise!”! The whole school is banned!!! …… At this time, Ye Chen has not spoken! The other beauties in the group can't see past it! Chu Yin Yin also stood out! “Huang Tian, what are you doing?”? Sick in the head!? And the whole school is banned? Who do you think you are? Gu Yingxue of the Department of Foreign Languages, who had been silent all the time, could not see past it! “That's a bit too much!” …… Lin Chumo also feels that this Huang Tian is really too much! “I think it's you who should apologize!”? Classmate Huang Tian! “The whole school is banned. Are you inflated to the point of explosion?”? My father wouldn't dare say such a thing! However, although Lin Chumo is a teacher, but too young, Huang Tian simply does not take it seriously! But because of the words of the three beauties, and complacent! Ye Chen frowned coldly! Now, he was really angry! “Oh..” “Boy, tonight, do you want my new Heavenly Sword to see blood?” Ye Chen thought in his heart! However, stainless steel 304 pipes ,side impact door beams, do not wait for Ye Chen to say anything! A voice, from here > That is a domineering head portrait! The head portrait is written with the word “Zhao”! Zhao Tiance! This Zhao Tiance is also in the group! Diving in the group all the time! As soon as Zhao Tiance sent this voice. That yellow day, suddenly a shiver! I go! He Huang Tian, dare to provoke who, also dare not provoke a school bully Zhao Tiance ah! Voice click on! Huang Tian! A burst of drink! Zhao Tiance's voice is full of anger. Even, there is fear! This sound! The phone almost exploded! “Tell me again!” “How do you want to die!!!??” Chapter 124 the Zhao family works! The venue is booked! Zhao Tiance's voice came out, and the whole audience was shocked! That yellow day, at this time after the mobile phone, is already a pale face! “No..” What is this all about!? Huang Tian never thought that Zhao Tiance was looking for his own trouble! Zhao Tiance this guy, has never joined the student union, because he simply does not like! And Huang Tian and Li naturally and others, there is no intersection! And Zhao Tiance, who was hit in the face by Ye Chen two days ago, should also hate Ye Chen! Unexpectedly, Zhao Tiance helped Ye Chen? “Senior Zhao Tiance.” What do you mean!? Huang Tian was dumbfounded! Sent a message! “What do I mean?” “Kill you!!!” Zhao Tiance scolded angrily! He joined this group today, has been very perturbed in the heart, thinking that if God joined this group, how can he behave? An afternoon was spent in anxiety! As a result, the real Chu Yin Yin pulled Ye Chen in! Remembering the horrible legend of Ye Chen Shangshen, Zhao Tiance was so frightened that he shivered! Looking at the yellow takeout head portrait on Ye Chen's WeChat, I was so scared that I trembled! So, when Ye Chen is chatting with the beauties, Zhao Tiance has been peeping at the screen! But I dare not speak! He was thinking about how to keep up with God, how to keep up with God. As a result, this Laoshizi yellow day, jumped out! Suddenly, Zhao Tiance was scared to pee! You want to die, don't pull me! Pretend before God? I don't know how many people have died! Zhao Tiance was afraid that Ye Chen would get angry and get himself into trouble again! I have a criminal record in Ye Chen! Without a word, Zhao Tiance! Just call! “Hello?” “A school trustee?” Directly, a phone call to the school board! “Check it for me, there's a boy named Huang Tian!” “I'm going to take part in this year's Yingguo study tour!” “Find out where he is now!” …… Suddenly, a few minutes later, a complete Huang Tian's information, appeared in front of Zhao Tiance! He was a coward in front of Ye Chen, but. In the capital, he is the top ten prince! Call the wind and rain, all-powerful! “Hehe!”! What a death wish! “Dare to provoke God!” “Just a yellow sky!” Zhao Tiance looked at Huang Tian's information,side impact beams, this Huang Tian has no background, the only thing is to lean on that Li naturally! “Go!” “Call someone!” “Go to the coffee shop on College Road!” …… Suddenly, dozens of people rushed out of the house! Directly prepared several luxury modified off-road vehicles! Line up and go in the direction of the yellow sky! In ten minutes! cbiesautomotive.com



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