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I don’t know Beishan Xiangyang (Army)

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With the assurance of the bridesmaid, Gu Rongyu took his two groomsmen, Qu Yihai, to the banquet hall first. Even Jiang Luo has been back to keep pushing out, Jiang Luo expected this matter to go wrong, but also made a special call to warn back not to play too much. However, several people did not leave for long and Jiang Luo ran back, because Vera miraculously found that she seemed to be pregnant again, and after preliminary confirmation by the Chinese medicine present, she called Jiang Luo. Jiang Luo ran back in a hurry to take people to the hospital, and then a check, sure enough. Although this speed is somewhat humiliating, but it is still very exciting ah! Gu Rong stood in the banquet hall in the 07 style officer's dress and waited for a long time, always regretting that he should not have listened to Xue Huaibi's first person,Theobromine Powder, but now his heart is burning. Qu Yi volunteered to find someone, and before he had taken a few steps, Xue Huaibi's head came out and told them that the bride had come and the host could start warming up. Gu Rong and lips slightly up, the heart has an indescribable touch, gently looking at the door slowly opened. The bride wore a snow-white wedding dress,Kava Root Extract, pulled up a beautiful bun, the loose skirt was like a broken moonlight, the unique veil faintly covered half of her face, leaving only a pair of eyes exposed, full of smiles. Gu Rong and Hai Ou scolded Niang at the same time, if not for the sake of the overall situation, Gu Rong and must have grabbed Xue Huaibi and given her a few times. Even if it's nonsense at ordinary times, what day is it today? Does she have no judgment at all! Zi Mu took Su Zhiguo's hand and walked slowly toward the bridegroom. Gu Rong stood there, helpless to the extreme. Before he did not know what they meant, he did not dare to take it. Su Zhiguo finally had the joy of marrying his daughter and walked straight. He just didn't know that the person holding him was Zimu, Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer ,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, otherwise he would be angry to death by these dead children. Xue Huaibi did not know when to go around behind Hai Ou and give him a kick directly, thinking that this person had seen it and did not go up and then, waiting for Zi Mu to marry Gu Rong? Xue Fox thought farther than Huihui. Huihui wanted to play, and she also wanted to have a hand in the clipper. Hai Ou suddenly folded his fists and said, “Thank you for your kindness.” He crossed the bridegroom and took Zimu's hand directly to meet the unexpected wedding. Zi Mu looked at Hai Ou coming, changed his face, froze there, the guests in the banquet hall were stunned, what on earth was going on? Hai Ou smiled at Su Zhiguo. “Dad, please feel free to give me Zimu's hand. Wherever he goes in this life, I will follow him. I will never lose her again.” Zi Mu bit his lip and looked at the mouth of Hai Ou, who was about to grin to his ears, with a kind of helplessness to drive the duck onto the shelf. Su Zhiguo has never encountered such a ridiculous thing in his life, what is the matter with the mixed blood swallowing of teeth and another kind of happy jumping mood. Gu Rong stood aside, looking around for Xue Huaibi's neck. Really want to roar with her-your brother Haiou is not easy, am I simple?!! Gu Rong and Fu forehead stood aside, the mood down to the bottom of the valley. He thinks he's the saddest groom in the world. The wedding was occupied for no reason, and they had to stand there laughing as if nothing had happened. A melodious wedding symphony sounded, they should be exchanging rings, Haio that bastard should be using the ring he bought for Vera. Gu Rong and closed his eyes, the heart has a great sense of loss, really want to know how the world, how this kind of thing also let him stand on. Thinking, a pair of cool little hands slipped into his palm, Gu Rong and a shock in his heart, looked up, a huge surprise came. Mr. Gu, I haven't seen you for a long time. Vera took Gu Rong's hand with a euphemistic sigh on her face. The sound just now was that she was wearing a military dress that matched him and walking towards him with Su Tuo on her arm. He had missed such a beautiful moment! The colorful feast finally arrived as scheduled. Dressed in the most beautiful colors in the world, she stood on the red carpet and walked towards him step by step. Every step is a memory, and their youth is blooming behind them. Gu Rongyu stood up and hugged the lost bride tightly in his arms. His voice was a little hoarse. “Mrs. Gu, please give me more advice.”. ” Others gave a good-natured smile, and Xue Huaibi quietly put the ring into his hand,Glucono Delta Lactone, “Go, Brother Rong.” The kindness of one thought makes all things good. Gu Rong and clenched Vera's hand, and the two green figures went to their future with the firmness of the soldier's steel. Perhaps this is the most suitable color for their wedding. pioneer-biotech.com


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