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I have made the decision to quit playing Runescape

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Nothing was beneath my gravestone! I was so angry and fire cape osrs not just my inferno daze had gone but my silly jester things. I didn't get it!! I don't know the exact location of my minigames and quest items disappeared! They disappeared when I accidentally killed and logged out. If minigames and quest items magically disappear then why didn't my elf crystal or damaged book also disappear? ?

Now I'm angry. I want to know what has occurred and why it happened. I'm planning to call Jagex and inquire just what the reason is for me not to receive my belongings back, which they claimed to be returned if you died. This is my personal rant… I don't require sympathy. I am upset and want everyone to know that I don't think in Inferno Adzes. It was mine that I lost. Oh my God!

Since I have made the decision to quit playing Runescape I thought it might be beneficial to write about my opinions on Runescape players' opinions on Jagex. I've been playing Runescape for a few years now. I've seen every up and down that have occurred in the game. I've seen how people changed and how people are.

Jagex's use of the company as a scapegoat has always bugged me. Jagex is often used as a scapegoat when someone dies. If a task is too difficult for someone, jagex is responsible. It's sad to see people ready to slam Jagex when things don't go their way.

Another reason is the unrealistic expectations of updates. People are likely to rant and rave if they don’t receive an update. If the update isn't beneficial for them or their capabilities, they'll be angry. If it's an update that affects other people, they rant. Is it possible to be patient and patiently wait for buy osrs fire cape the update you'd like to receive?


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