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This is simply my impression of OSRS Items the things I have found simple. Please let me know if you don't like it. To send me a note or to add Zoku012 to your list of friends, please use my username Zoku012. Anyway, I hope I can help a few of you who really struggle with this tedious skill. Good luck everyone.

I can't believe that i wasted 5 super stat restore n 10 prayer pots, as well as 30 sharks and 18 rockbite in the past 3 days n still cant get the stuff i trynna get. Let's see what happened. I was trying to finish my diary for freminnik so that I could go deep. One of the most difficult tasks was to wear the full skeleton, rockshell and spine armor. My plan was to purchase my own raw materials to save money (lol i know sum of you think it's stupid).

I tried to kill lv90 Dagannoth to obtain Dagannoth cover. Anyways, I was able to gather around 10 dagannothhides. The next step is to attempt to kill wallasalki in order to create skeletal armour. I didn't realize i needed someone else to help me open the door of the wallasalki area, and so on that trip, i squandered the prayer pot for nothing (i was wearin my ranger stuffs so i heavily rely on prayer during this time).

Later, I got in and discovered that although wallasalki is lv 98, it can actually hit like 19 and retreat whenever it's seriously wounded. I was able to put it in the narrow passage at its back so that it couldn't be able to escape. Then my handcannon fell apart (200k). To take on the wallasalki i was forced into using zanik's crossbow nbone bolts (I got a lot of them) I killed at least 25 of them however I still haven't found all the bone parts. So i finally gave up and went to ge to buy an skeletal set. It took 1 day to buy it. I resold it later but I don't have any food or potion left.

Then I began the quest and survived the first fight covering baba yaga and the second battle defending Relleka. Then, two attempts at savinking Vargas didn't work. King Vargas's weakness makes him unable to take hits n most hits on him hit high. I'm hungry right now, just 18 songs in Buy RS3 Gold one drink therefore i have to stop the search for time.


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