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IAPWE Review: My Journey With Niche-Specific Freelance Platform

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Most freelancers strive to find high-paying clients and earn more money. In the beginning, I thought the same and tried my best to find high-paying clients. But I often struggled with finding clients as I never paid attention to skill building. I thought, hey, I am a great writer, and clients will hire me instantly. 

Well, after some time, I realized my mistakes and began focusing on my writing and networking skills. Then one of my fellow peers suggested to me that I should sign up on IAPWE. He shared a quite tempting IAPWE review with me, and I immediately checked their website. 

So let me highlight key aspects of my journey with IAPWE from a novice to an experienced freelancer.

The Jaw-dropping Pay Scale 

Most writers understand how hard it is to find a client that will pay you adequately for your writing skills. Some clients won’t even pay you the minimum wage for your work. Of course, I faced this issue many times, and mostly got standard payment rates like $2 for 100 to 200 words. And indeed, I have happily accepted projects that pay me more than that. 

But here comes the real deal of IAPWE, they are paying $20 for the same 100 to 200 words. I was stunned for a moment when those numbers came to my knowledge. But the possibility of earning more was still there, and I couldn’t resist but began with the signup process.    

Sign Up & Acceptance 

The signup process to join the platform is quite simple, and you have to share only basic information and writing samples. So I was done with the signup process within five to ten minutes. But I was aware that the IAPWE acceptance process takes time. Maybe to ensure quality writers join their platform. 

However, no complaints; that $20 pay scale kept my enthusiasm high. Once I got my acceptance mail, I immediately acted on and began the registration process and provided all the necessary information. Later, the platform provided me with options for free and paid membership.  

Well, I went with the free one, of course, with no risks taken in the beginning. After this, I thoroughly read the guideline of the platform and began checking work assignments.

Let’s Earn The Big Bucks

After taking my time, I found a few topics that aligned with my expertise and skills. As I read the guideline adequately, they made me aware of the possibility of content rejection. If you are planning to work for IAPWE, then take your time and read the guidelines appropriately. Many successful writers have mentioned this factor in their IAPWE review.

Once I submitted my first assignment, IAPWE approved my content after taking adequate time to review it. But luckily, it was approved at once and without any need for edits and amendments. Later I got my payment of $20+ in my PayPal account.  


The lucrative payment design of IAPWE is certainly the real charm. I’m consistently working with the platform, ensuring the delivery of top-notch content. Of course, they are paying me the big bucks, and perhaps you can do the same. So upscale your skills and earn with IAPWE to find the batch of excellence! 



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