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Indonesia has not yet been separated from the Covid-19 outbreak. This clearly drives the need to buy a car for family transportation, amidst the social distancing policy on public transportation. With a budget of IDR 200 million, we have the option between the Toyota Avanza 2021 (new) or the 2015 Toyota Kijang Innova Diesel (used).

Both have a 7-passenger carrying capacity. But in terms of size, Innova is obviously more relieved because it's bigger. Well, the tricky part here is that 2015 will be the end of the first generation Kijang Innova era. In the same year, Toyota launched the Innova Reborn.

So, we will be given the choice of Innova Barong or Innova Reborn. Maybe some of you will choose Innova Reborn because it looks newer. Even though the engine capacity is smaller, the power generated by the diesel engine at Innova Reborn is greater.

Because it is already five years old, the 2015 Kijang Innova Diesel is sure to have expired its warranty period. Repair or routine maintenance at authorized workshops will be subject to service fees. If you want a guaranteed guarantee, you can choose the Toyota Avanza 2021 in new condition.

Used Toyota Kijang Innova Diesel Still So Primadona

Toyota Innova diesel is one of the most sought after MPV cars in the used car market. The reasons are various, in addition to the relief of the cabin, the community is also eyeing the toughness of the diesel engine. For 2015, we are given a choice between the Innova barong 2KD-FTV 2.500 cc diesel engine or the 2GD-FTV 2.400 cc Innova Reborn diesel engine.

The Innova diesel ‘barong' model is equipped with a turbodiesel engine that produces 101 hp and 260 Nm of peak torque. The Innova Reborn has a new diesel engine, coded 2GD-FTV with common rail technology. 

Its power reaches 149 hp at 3,400 rpm and 342 Nm of torque at 2,800 rpm. Engine power will be channeled through a 5-speed manual transmission and a 4-speed automatic transmission. Innova Reborn has three trims to offer, namely types G, V, and Q.

Kijang Price Innova Barong vs Reborn

Talking about the price range, currently the Toyota Innova diesel ‘barong' model has a price range from IDR 190 million to more than IDR 250 million, depending on the year and conditions you have.

For Innova Reborn diesel it is even more expensive for the used price. This car is sold with prices starting from IDR 260 million. If your maximum budget is up to Rp. 240-250 million, then we recommend choosing the more affordable Innova Barong.

Toyota Kijang Innova Barong, Feature-Rich Family MPV

The first generation Innova Kijang was closed by the Innova Barong era as the third facelift. Why is it called barong? Because the grille design is large like a shield to the bottom like a barong mask.

For information, Innova Barong is known as the New Innova. In this version, love to hate, people are looking for the comfort and toughness of the diesel engine. But the barong fascia design is less attractive than the previous version of the Grand New Kijang Innova.

The various features of Innova Barong are quite interesting. Call it a double din head unit with audio settings on the steering wheel, double blower air conditioning, dual SRS airbags, seatbelt with pretensioner and force limiter, rear parking sensors, power windows, power door lock, and alarm.

The Innova Barong cabin design still maintains the old model style, with the advantage of having quite a large leg room. The dashboard is luxurious and elegant due to the use of a combination of two colors and wooden accents around the dashboard.

If you are looking for a family car with a fairly elegant design, with excellent engine performance, then the Innova Barong deserves to be on the target list. Because this car also has a spacious cabin, so it can accommodate many people without having to feel jostled.

Indeed, the used price is expensive compared to other cars in its class. However, what Innova Barong provides is better than the new MPV car in the same price range.

Toyota Avanza 2021, the choice of family car for those of you who are looking for a guarantee

Not everyone understands or understands the ins and outs of car maintenance. Many of us are still unfamiliar with the routine maintenance costs that must be paid. Wrongly entering the workshop, we are ‘hit' by high prices for services that may not be much.

That's why some people choose to buy a new car. We just need to calculate the estimated cost of the spare parts that need to be replaced every routine maintenance. The owner does not need to think about service fees because the warranty is still covered.

Is the price of the Toyota Avanza overpriced?

The price of the Toyota Avanza 2021 has increased. Now the Toyota Avanza has become a Rp. 200 million class car. The following is a price list for each type of Toyota Avanza 2021:

  • 1.3 E STD M / T Rp. 200,200,000
  • 1.3 E STD A / T Rp. 211,400,000
  • 1.3 EM / T Rp. 202,700,000
  • 1.3 EA / T Rp. 213,900,000
  • 1.3 GM / T Rp. 220,550,000
  • 1.3 GA / T Rp. 231,250,000

With a price of Rp. 200 million, actually the Toyota Avanza facelift cannot be called too expensive. Because, Toyota also continues to upgrade more and more complete features. 

In the last 2019 facelift, Toyota added digital AC settings. In addition, in the 1.3 liter G variant, for example, the head unit also uses a touch screen, making it look more modern.

At a glance, Avanza G 1.3 is one of the prima donna. This car in the second row is equipped with a power outlet to charge the smartphone. Whereas in the third row there is a USB slot as a charger.

The steering wheel also uses multi-function buttons which will make it easier for you to set the features of this car. The setup already has tilt technology, although it's not telescopic yet.


In choosing a family car, we need to compare the capacity and comfort features of a car. The used car option usually presents a choice of high-end, feature-rich cars that have become increasingly affordable due to depreciating prices. 

For new cars, we get the benefit of a warranty and free repair services. In addition, new cars also have no risk of inherent damage due to negligence of previous users.  


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