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If you are in Nigeria for business you can rent a house short term

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Traveling to Nigeria is a good idea because it is a diverse geography and culture that may be interesting for you as an outsider. Nigeria though not as affluent as Kenya or Tanzania in terms of wildlife population is blessed with other geographical wonders that are worth seeing. Nigeria is the 6th most populist country in the world and also the largest in Africa. It has a population of over 230 million and the capital Abuja is a humming business fortress where most of the country’s and world’s headquarters and offices are located. Nigeria is populous and is also advanced in modern culture. They hugely differs with other African nations in terms of dressing, eating, living and their inclination towards western culture. Nigeria accommodation can be costly if you are planning to shift to the country in order to establish a business or compelled to relocate owing to your office relocation. Accommodations of 1BHK to 3BHK are available here on monthly rent and you also have the option of buying one if you want to live here permanently. For this you will have to go through several legal procedures.

What is the climate like in Nigeria?

Nigeria enjoys varied landscape and it is defined by tropical rainforest like climate, and experience an annual rainfall of 1,500 to 2,000 millimeter per year. It has the obudu plateau and coastal plains in the southeast and along its southeast coast large number of Mangrove Swamps. Only the rainforest near the border of Cameroon is rich with vegetation.  The forests in cross river state ares known to house largest diversity of butterflies you can find in the world. However the area between Cross Rivers and the Niger has lost most of its rain forest cover and now is being developed for habitation. They are either used for agriculture or replaced as grassland.   

What are the tourist attractions?

Nigeria as a tourism attraction is not depending on wildlife population like its fellow African countries. Its tourism features center around activities, entertainment, waterfalls, savannah and events involving large number of ethnic groups. The city of Abuja is the home for hosting these events and the city has many parks and green areas where these activities can be conducted. The Millennium Park designed by Manfredi Nicoletti and inaugurated in 2003 is the focal point for these cultural and other activities. After major reforms and developmental work done by Raji Babatunde Fashola the governor, Lagos is attracting attention from both natives and tourists. Lagos is a business oriented city where all culture people mix together and that include tourists from the western world. Lagos is a symbol of black identity and supremacy in Africa. You can hire different types of accommodations on rent and if you are staying here for a few months you can get one bedroom apartment for rent. Lagos is blessed with sandy beaches of the Atlantic Ocean which also include Elegushi Beach and Alpha. In Nigeria you will also find several private beaches if you consider privacy as your main agenda.

The city of Lagos also has many hotel chains from international entrepreneurs and local influencers. The hotels can range from 3-5 star ratings and you can also find native hotels such as Eko Hotels and Suites, Federal Palace Hotel and also intercontinental hotels like Sheraton, and other franchises. There are many art galleries, churches like Cathedral Church of Christ. .

Nigeria is mostly toured for business owing to its size and the contained population. It is also enjoying the mixture culture of western and native African. The former seems to be overwhelmingly dominant as Nigerians have accepted western culture wholeheartedly and their dress sense has hugely veered away from the native. Here you can get short term accommodation or shortlets as they call it here. These can be hotel rooms, hostels, lodgings and Airbnb shared accommodation. Whatever accommodation you wish to reserve you should do it through a registered real estate agency that is well versed with the customs and legalities of the native government. If you are planning for a short stay with your family and want a 1 or2 BHK house you can rely upon Call Shortlet, Nigeria, and resourceful real estate agency in Lagos. You can contact them on phone number (234) 913-841-6581 to book your accommodation.






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