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Buying a used car became an option when the discourse of relaxing the 0 percent tax was disapproved of. After knowing how to choose a used car that we have explained, then calculating the Honda Brio Satya Satya tax cost as an example so as not to be subject to fines in the future.

Apart from having to immediately make tax payments on used cars, usually the previous owner will immediately revoke the vehicle ownership file. This step was taken by previous vehicle owners so as not to be subject to progressive tax because they have more than one vehicle.

With a used car that has no ownership, that's why the letter from the used car you own must be immediately available according to the purchase invoice. To arrange a certificate of ownership for a recently purchased used car, here is the estimated budget that you must prepare.

For example, to illustrate the budget that must be prepared in paying taxes and at the same time changing the ownership name of a used car, we will use the Honda Brio Satya type E CVT as an example as follows:

With the price of a used Honda Brio Satya type E CVT of around Rp.144 million, the costs that must be prepared for the name transfer process and others are

At a cost of up to 4.7 million is a cost that must be incurred if you are going to reverse the name on a used Honda Brio Satya type E CVT car. * For PKB, the amount depends on the domicile of the used car. For the illustration above, we take it from our partners as the source and of course other prices can be different.

But before taking care of vehicle documents, you must prepare the original KTP & photocopy of the new owner's KTP, original & photocopy of BPKB, original & photocopied STNK, proof of sale and purchase with a 6,000 stamp and physical check of the vehicle.

To manage used car certificates, you only need to come to Samsat according to your domicile by bringing a valid ownership certificate. In addition, you also have to prepare free time for a used car that will become your favorite vehicle.


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