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Six years later, better referred to as last week I decided to re-examine Runescape to see what has changed since I played it in 2007 RS Gold. Furthermore, I decided to repair my account. this was an easy task as I had ample evidence of the first 2 seasons of this account.

After a couple of emails, Jagex discovered that I was indeed the account's owner. At the time I left my account, it wasn't extraordinary, it had a few million, some pieces of barrows armour and some random weapons and armour as well as a general bank filled with junk and quest items,alongside moderate level stats, ranging from levels 40 to 90.

As I was logging in my email address to my account, setting up recovery questions and that JAG guardian thingy, writing new passwords, I thought about the way my account might look like when I logged in. The thing is, I expected nothing, in fact. Similar statistics, but with an empty bank, being drained by what I believed might have been gp-sellers.

And, I couldn't have been more incorrect. I joined an account with remarkable quantity of money. about half of the abilities were at 99, and all of them were over 80. I'm not even in the process of accessing (my?) bank , despite it having an account number, however the value of the person was wearing had a value of 544 million Buy RS3 Gold. The item was a “drygore' weapon, amongst other pieces of equipment. The account also was a recurring member (I removed it).


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