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Immortal inverse

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Before long, Wang Lin felt something was wrong. The heat flow in his body did not dissipate slowly as before, but gathered more and more as he breathed. A trace of swelling pain emerged all over his body. Wang Lin had an illusion that he was a balloon that was constantly expanding and had reached the limit of his body. Wang Lin was shocked to stop breathing, but the pain was still there. When he opened his eyes, he was immediately frightened to find that all his blood vessels were bulging, as if a ferocious blue insect was attached to his body surface, which was shocking. Wang Lin did not know that the “medicine” soup he had eaten before did not actually contain much Reiki. Even if he absorbed the Reiki of the world around him in the way of one long and three short, these Reiki together could not be faster than the loss of Reiqi caused by the lack of spiritual roots in his body. In addition, at every critical moment, the spirit grass will have an effect, so the body has not been successful in condensing Reiki. But now it's different. The “dew” water he drinks contains far more Reiki than the “medicine” soup, almost to an incredible extent, far faster than the speed at which the spiritual roots in his body dissipate Reiki. At this time, if he doesn't breathe, it's all right. After a long time, it will naturally dissipate slowly. But once he breathes, it's like adding fuel to the fire. Knowing that he was in trouble, he did not know how to deal with it. He could only watch helplessly as the blood vessels of his body bulged high and approached the brink of collapse. At this moment, a flash of inspiration came into his mind like lightning. Wang Lin had no time to think. As soon as he gritted his teeth, he immediately breathed back and breathed in the way of one short and three long. In his mind, since positive breathing is to absorb Reiki, it is likely that reverse breathing is to release Reiki. Wang Lin's guess is more or less correct. Everyone in the realm of cultivation knows this way of anti-breathing, because it is the early preparation for the restoration of San Gong. As he breathed,gold CIP machine, a trace of Aura came out of every sweat hole in his body, and as soon as it appeared, it was like being sucked under the bed and absorbed by the stone beads. Time passed slowly, the swelling of Wang Lin's body gradually dissipated, and the blue blood vessels on his body surface slowly calmed down. At this time, what emanated from his body was no longer Reiki, but a trace of dirty gas. These gas beads were not absorbed, but dissipated in the air by themselves. By chance,gold shaking table, Wang Lin completely “forced” the spirit grass out of his body. There are only two ways to “force” the Reiki to come out. One is to use a lot of Reiki to wear it away and eventually melt it completely. This is also the method used by Sun Dazhu. Later, because he was disheartened by Wang Lin, he ignored the “medicine” of the heartache herb. The second method is to dissipate all the Reiki in the body and practice it again. The reason why Sun Dazhu did not choose this method was that Wang Lin lacked Reiki in his body at that time, and as soon as he had a little, he immediately dissipated, which could not meet the requirements of Sankong at all. This process lasted for a day and a night, and Wang Lin finally fell on the bed weakly, glad that he had saved his life, and that he would never drink “dew” in the future. Dazed, he felt sleepy all over his body and fell asleep in a daze. Volume 1 Mediocre Youth Chapter 23 Ten Clouds Today's third watch! I don't know how long after that, Wang Lin opened his eyes and looked out of the window. It was dark outside. He turned down from the bed and moved his body for a long time, but he didn't feel anything strange. So he took out the stone bowl from the bottom of the bed and found that all the liquid in the bowl was gone. He picked up the beads and took a closer look. Suddenly, he was pleasantly surprised. The tenth cloud appeared in the original blank place. Wang Lin immediately came to the spirit, holding the mysterious stone beads left and right, eyes flashing, immediately put away the door, magnetic separator machine ,gold cil machine, went to the mountain spring to get a big bowl of water, hurried back to the room, put the beads in it to stir. Having done this, he took a sip of spring water, tasted it for a long time, and found that it was no different from usual. He looked at the beads doubtfully for a long time, put them in his mouth and bit them, but they were still hard. He squeezed out the blood again and dropped it, but the beads remained the same. After hesitating for a moment, he gritted his teeth, picked up the stone bowl and smashed it on the stone bead. He thought that maybe there would be some changes inside the bead after it produced more than ten clouds. After the clang, the stone bowl was broken and Wang Lin's hands were numb, but the beads were not damaged at all. Exhausted all means, but the beads still did not show any difference after more than ten clouds, Wang Lin heartache wasted two gourd “dew” water, angry to throw the beads aside. After a while, he was unwilling to pick it up and observe it carefully. Looking at it, suddenly a sense of sleepiness came to his mind. He was stunned. He had just woken up. How could he still be sleepy? Rubbing his eyes hard, he continued to look at the beads. Slowly, sleepiness could not stop coming, the beads became more and more blurred in his eyes, and eventually Wang Lin tilted his body and fell to the ground, the beads had been held in his hands. He had a dream, in which he came to a boundless place, where there were no sun, moon and stars, but there were countless luminous bodies around him. Although it was a dream, his mind was so clear that he even wondered why he was here in his dream. Here he did not feel any discomfort, knowing that he was dreaming, but did not know how to wake up, but walked around, in this boundless place for a long time. I do not know how long, when his body was exhausted, there was a sudden tremor around him, and then he felt as if his body was torn as a pain, a miserable hum, he suddenly opened his eyes. Looking around, still in the room, Wang Lin took a deep breath, wiped the sweat from his forehead, and secretly said that the strange dream finally woke up. Suddenly, his expression became extremely strange in an instant. He stared at the mysterious beads in his hands, and all the clouds on them disappeared. On their surface, a few small characters appeared. This Wang Lin froze, quickly picked up a careful look, this font is quite uncommon, he likes reading since childhood, for a variety of words, think for a long time, the impression of the font one by one comparison,tin beneficiation plant, and finally reluctantly guess some meaning. This should be a number, not a practical significance. Wang Lin held the beads and muttered to himself. Suddenly there was a flash of inspiration in his mind, and he thought of the dream just now. ore-magnetic-mining.com


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