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Immunisation and vaccination are not the same things. There are a few subtle differences.Immunisation refers to the process of gaining immunity towards a disease either by getting the disease itself or through vaccination. When a person is vaccinated, their immune system responds in the same way that it would if they had actually got the disease, and starts creating antibodies against the virus. On a future date if the virus does attack the person, the body’s immune system will recognise it and rapidly produce antibodies to block and fight the virus. A vaccine is something that is either injected or given orally to a person in order to stimulate their immune system to produce antibodies against that disease.

Immunisation and vaccination protect you from potentially harmful diseases that can cause long term adverse complications or even death. Vaccination doesn’t however guarantee that a person will not contract the disease, but if you are vaccinated against it and still get the disease, the severity of it is vastly reduced.

Through immunisation the aim is to eradicate certain dangerous and harmful diseases from the community. The idea is that if more people are immune to disease there is less likelihood of it spreading and affecting others.

Immunisation protects you, your loved ones, and the community from diseases. There are many clinics that provide immunisation in Bayswater and other areas of the country.

You can also get a lot of information regarding immunisation in Hobsons Bay, Bayswater or any other area, through immunisation clinics and medical professionals.

Prevention is always better than cure, and hence getting your recommended vaccinations through a clinic should be done from a very young age. There are many vaccines that are recommended from birth, and most vaccines protect you from the disease for a lifetime after just one or two shots. Let’s eradicate dangerous diseases from our community through effective immunisation.


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