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Let us all adapt and evolve as the situation unfolds… Let us position ourselves so that we can come back when the crisis is over!

With the Coronavirus pandemic, the world has seen marketing campaigns paused or closed completely. The trend is likely to continue even more as the clients in the retail, entertainment and hospitality services have stopped trading. This leaves the small businesses, freelancers and the entire world anxious and scared. The bookings have drastically dropped and the cancellations are increasing. We are skeptical about the work that is on hold, or cancelled, when the next work would be received and how to plan the finances with the status of clients’ business situations.

We are facing a unique condition at this time with inexplicable outcomes. Not knowing how long would the Coronavirus endure and how long its impact would last – is scattering the small businesses and the freelancers. If the Coronavirus has caused the workers to take sick days, customers to stay at home, agents to work from home and officials to order quarantines, it is catastrophic to small businesses and freelancers.

The entrepreneurs are trying their best to continue operating with minimal staffing and many are fearful about their future with reduced customer demands. Most of businesses are shuttered and all the programs are cancelled or postponed. The economy all over the world has been drastically affected by the outbreak in ways smaller and larger with the cancellations of businesses, stock market declines and supply chain break downs.

Customers are at crisis and the loss we, freelancers and small businesses are facing is substantial. To get ahead of the virus, we would want our clients to be rest assured that we are here to help you and to ease the stress at the lowest cost possible, help you with continued services at the most effective way possible.

We have been planning our work since the time of outbreak of the virus before we reach the tipping point of where it became challenging to manage, as it was obvious of how things would go out of the pan and escalate severely. More people, being stuck at home during the lockdown period will be on social media. Hence it is the ideal period to use the media for promoting our goods and websites with the social media marketing and build the brand awareness among the people.

This should be the small interruption for any business and when the normalcy returns soon, we don’t want our clients to be left behind among the competitors in a race to regain the lost revenue.

We shall take it together day by day, and ensure that digital marketing can still be done to keep up our activities live online till we overcome the situation. This is the opportunity for your brand to stand out during the difficult time while being sensitive to others needs.

We want our clients to hang in there and hope that when this is over, we will be able to come back stronger than ever. Until then let us all stay safe and take care of health, and help each other remotely in all possible ways. This is the time to show the empathy to any human being, and ensure to help where ever we can.

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