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In our daily lifestyle, we want the highest level of convenience and comfort so that you can enjoy a luxurious life. With a smartphone, the concept of smart home app has begun the revolution in the modern era. With the advent of smart home apps, homeowners can control the various components of their houses as per their will via remote. The lights, temperature, entertainment systems, and security can be handled easily by remote. 

Such applications adopt the IoT (Internet of Things) technologies to connect the devices to the home's environment. These intelligent apps are powered by AI to enhance homeowners' lifestyles and comfort via automation, saving energy and providing greater security where you can customizable user interfaces and cross-functionality. 

The impact of IoT devices on smart home technology is significant and exclusive. With devices such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home, homeowners can control the lights, thermostats, and other devices with their voices. Maintaining the home when you are busy somewhere else and want to avoid fiddling with a smartphone app has become more accessible.  

Let us see how it is impacting our lives in detail:

How IoT App Development Services Impacting Home Automation 

Previously, people used to talk about smart homes and their wish to make home automation. At that time, it would have been considered a joke. But not anymore. The advanced technology of IoT app development services has embedded many systems, AI, ML, etc, for home automation. 

Electronic devices such as CCTV cameras can provide full coverage for security via IoT connection through several software and Internet connections. Take a look at the given points where we can easily see the impact of IoT on our smart home automation and lives:

  1. Making a smart home automation system is due to the motivation of family security as surveyed in which 63% of respondents gave their views. 
  2. To buy smart home automation products, 40% want network cameras, 26% want a video doorbell, 19% want a connected light bulb, and 13% want a smart lock. 
  3. The top-notch 3 devices people want to control are smartphones, video cameras, thermostats, and lights.  
  4. The sale of global smart thermostat units grew by 123%. 
  5. When it comes to TV, then approx. 759.3 million TVs were connected globally in 2018.
  6. This year, the intelligent light market can reach 105.28 billion U.S. dollars. 

The facts mentioned above reveal the need for smart home automation is growing daily. It has become a necessity of the house. 

Key Features of Smart Home Apps to Ease the Life

The following are the features that are giving comfort to the homeowners of smart homes:

  • Voice Control: Many voice assistants, such as Google Assistant, Apple Siri, and Amazon Alexa, are now integrated with voice commands for device control. 
  • Device Control: It allows homeowners to control devices, such as lighting, door locks, thermostats, security cameras, and apps, from a single interface. 
  • Schedule Timers: Now, homeowners can schedule to turn off the lights and on the lights as per their needs by modifying the settings.  
  • Remote Access: It helps monitor and manage their smart home's components from any location via mobile device. 
  • Push Notifications: Homeowners can get push notifications and alerts for events, viz., door or window openings, motion detection, and smoke alarms, on their mobile devices.   
  • 3-party Devices Integration: The feature has smooth control and is easy to automate across many brands and ecosystems. It is compatible and integrated with broad categories of smart homes and devices. 
  • Insights and Data Analytics: The homeowners can get information about their smart home devices and their energy usage, trends usage, and optimization suggestions. Such cross-functionality can support the instruments to get home updates, and the homeowners can check the apps outside the home. 


IoT devices have the superpower to make your house smarter, providing you with the optimum convenience, controlling authority in your hand, and conserving your home electricity. You must be looking for the best smart home technology to get installed for your luxurious apartment, but soon, you will feel like it is the necessity of the house. This is how the IoT App Development Services impact our lives and homes. 

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