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If you are planning relocation to Costa Rica, you need to understand Costa Rica shipping formalities. The shipping formalities of Costa Rica are complex. There are many items that are restricted. Also, there are items that have high import taxes on its entry.

When you are planning to bring vehicles to Costa Rica, it is important that you should know Costa Rica Car shipping formalities. Importing a vehicle is expensive for the import duties. However, when purchasing a car that is here at Costa Rica one will pay more, obviously for the commission of sales agent and mark ups, and so people prefer to import vehicles.

When brining a car to Costa Rica either by self-driving or by shipping, individuals is charged with import duties. These import duties are alarmingly high. The import duty on a used car in Costa Rica runs from 45% to 70% of the government’s declared retail value of the car.

For vehicles the Costa Rican government maintains a huge database with umpteen numbers of valuations based on all the possible details on the vehicle. The import duty and the inscription cost are based on the exact classification for each car and there is no question of evading it.

Even on used cars the duties can be almost 100% based on the year of the car. Newer cars pay more duty than the older ones currently. Vehicles that are older than 10 years, cars pay slightly less. This is expected to change and have newer cars pay a little and older cars more so that people buy newer cars instead of older ones and this will keep the emission low.

These numbers change every year. The taxes on vehicles are so high in Costa Rica to prevent overcrowding the streets and highways with more accessible cars. Also, there are plans to restrict the import of vehicles.

Even when purchasing new vehicle, the owner will have to have his car inspected, pay a marchamo and pass RTV and car insurance. When all these costs are calculated, one might feel it is almost better to have an older car that can be repaired inexpensively and pays less of all the above.

Also, car models of USA and the countries are not same as here. Some are not offered, some have different model names and some cars offered here are not offered in North America. Also, consider the model of the car being selecting for it could give an owner problems when looking for repair parts.

If you bring a car that is difficult to find parts and the car could be out of commission for weeks while waiting to import parts. Warranties for vehicles purchased in other countries are not valid here.

Because of strict barriers cars in Costa Rica are able to hold to their value for much longer. Cars here do not automatically lose 80% of the value when new owners drive them off the lot in spite of the poor condition of many roads.

There are two ways of bringing vehicles to Costa Rica. One is by driving it into the country and other by shipping it lose or in a container on a barge. It is imperative that you consider hiring a professional shipping company to help you ship your vehicles to Costa Rica.


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