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ENT is the abbreviation for “otolaryngologist.” An ENT doctor is a specialist in the ears, nose, and throat who knows the possible diseases or consequences of injuries that can affect these organs. As a specialist doctor, he focuses on otolaryngology. It is a varied field of medicine that deals with the ears, respiratory tract, oral cavity, pharynx, larynx, and esophagus. Ears are the generic term for the lobe and pinna, auditory canal, middle ear, inner ear, and central auditory pathways and centers.

Tasks of an ENT
The tasks of an ENT include the prevention, identification, conservative and surgical treatment, monitoring, and rehabilitation of diseases in otolaryngology, as also injuries, malformations, deformities, and tumours. Ear specialists are also in charge of the treatment of voice disorders, speech disorders, and hearing disorders and cover the entire spectrum of otolaryngology (ENT).

When should you consult an ENT
In case of ear pain, you should consult your ENT immediately. Only ear specialists can determine whether you have an ear disease and whether it is a bacterial infection or a virus in the case of otitis to define the appropriate treatment then. You should make an appointment without delay, especially for babies and young children.

Does an ENT treat deafness
Deafness (hyperacusis) can have different causes: noise, age, heredity, disease, earwax, medication, alcohol, tobacco, or water can cause hearing loss. Thus, if the ear is clogged with earwax, the ENT can free the ear canal using a suction device. Sometimes hot water may even suffice. But leave it to a specialist. If the cause of the deafness cannot be resolved, your ENT specialist will recommend a hearing aid.

ENT and audioprosthetist
Your ENT can identify the cause of your pain, deafness, or hearing loss and recommend the appropriate treatment. The audio prosthetist or the pediatric audio prosthetist (for children) intervenes in the event of lasting damage to hearing capacity and the use of a hearing aid. The work of an ear doctor chandigarh or audiologist includes”

  • Counselling.
  • Hearing testing.
  • Hearing aid model selection.
  • Individual adjustment of the hearing aid according to the individual needs.

It is usually a long process requiring empathy, understanding, and trust.

Pediatric ENT and audioprosthetist
Children are particularly affected by ear infections. In case of suspicion, a pediatric ENT specialist should be consulted immediately. Hearing loss in a child can also have several causes. Ear diseases in children must be promptly diagnosed and treated to prevent lasting hearing loss. For this, your ENT is the appropriate contact.
It is necessary to remember that cerumen, ear wax, fulfills vital functions as a protective barrier for your body. Its production is responsible for: 

  • Lubricate the ear canal
  • It is antibacterial and antifungal
  • Cleaning from the inside ouy
    Under normal conditions, people naturally shed earwax to the outside of the ear, where it can be removed externally through daily hygiene. Never insert any type of object into the ear canal or apply home remedies without a professional prescription. An excess of earwax that does not come off naturally will produce the following symptoms in patients:
  • Pain
  • Hearing loss
  • Ringing or buzzing sensation
  • Itch
  • Foul-smelling ear discharg
    In case it is suspected that external hygiene is not enough, it is advisable to consult an otorhinolaryngologist specialist. However, you can also visit an ear specialist in chandigarh, where their qualified medical team strives to provide qualified ear, throat, and nose treatments.
  • Access to a correct evaluation of the functioning of your auditory system.
  • Determine the causes of the production of excess earwax that generate discomfort.
  • It prevents obstructions in the ear or infections that affect more serious conditions.
  • Avoid irreparable damage to the hearing system due to the misuse of household cleaning items.
  • Contact with an ear specialist allows us to generate a habit of paying attention to your auditory perception systems, which is of great value in your daily relationship with your environment.
    The usual thing is that a patient goes to an otolaryngologist through a referral made by a general practitioner or general practitioner. However, the symptoms of diseases of the auditory canal are often confused with the consequences of other pathologies and are rarely given due attention.
    Now, as you are clear about the importance of otolaryngology, the next step is to find ear infection treatment, where you can treat the annoyances related to the ear, throat, or nose well.






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