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In social research, you need evaluation research to do a systematic assessment of the various aspects of society and how they are changing. It can help you identify important social issues and determine if society is moving in the right direction. By doing a proper evaluation, you can suggest pragmatic ways to bring improvement into the social lives of people. This shows that evaluation is social research is essential. Below are some points which will show the importance of Evaluation Research in Social Research

Helps to discover the story:

Evaluation research is social research that can help you optimize for success in a way that you can discover the stories behind the results. At the start, middle and end of this research, a researcher asks three main questions:

  • What happened?
  • Why did it happen? (The story behind it)
  • Why are the results of the research important, and what can you do in future?

During the initial phase of this research, you will focus on understanding how you can optimally design research to meet the goals in the best way. In the next phase, you will seek to understand how the project is taking place and how to maximize its success in the project. At the end of the research, you will assess to what extent the aims of the research are met. You will also identify the factors that lead to a low and high level of success. All of these things can help you understand and tell the full story behind social research.

Paves the way to show improvement:

In typical social research, you will collect data and analyze it to draw a conclusion. While doing evaluation research on the same topic can pave the way for more improved results. It is because this type of research allows you to see the big picture on issues. In this research, you will not usually focus on the situation that is happening and does not usually give suggestions to resolve the social issues. In contrast, you will inform decisions through evaluation. It will be an opportunity for you to push for mid-course corrections and adaptations which can maximize success in social research. This means the results come from the proper evaluation can help you benefit not only the project but also improve future initiatives.

Every voice counts:

In social research, the perspective of each and every individual is important. It is important to draw results for the research. Feedback from participant show areas of traction and those areas that need further research, and also the specific things you need for success. With the help of evaluation research, you can get input from every participant in a way that can best solve social problems and lead to guidance. The more people who give a response to a survey, you will get more accurate the results on a particular social issue or phenomenon. This shows that evaluation in social research is very important.

One size did not fit all:

Evaluation research can take many forms. For instance, researchers might collect primary data from various stakeholders through focus group discussions, individual interviews and written surveys. Researchers sometimes ask for a written statement in the form of narrative or conduct studies with proper depth. Moreover, researchers in the evaluation often include results from secondary data as well, such as the progress of data submission and teamwork. In evaluation, you can use both qualitative and quantitative data.
Creates a benchmark:

Evaluation in social research can help you create a benchmark. The first principle in the evaluation process is to collect all the facts related to a social situation. In this way, you can evaluate a certain social issue in a better way. If you face any difficulty in doing evaluations in social research, then you can look for dissertation writing services.

Gathers meaningful feedback:

Evaluation research can help you understand a certain social phenomenon better as it collects meaningful feedback from the participants. With the help of this type of research, you can hear from the participants about what is working and what is causing issues in society. In this way, you can suggest ways for improvement in society.

Gives better solutions:

The purpose of social research is to recommend ways to resolve issues in the society. With the help of evaluation, you can understand the people of a society in a better way. You can understand their needs and requirements in a better way. For instance, you can understand the causes of the high unemployment rate through evaluation. This allows you to give proper solutions and to understand if the solutions that you are giving are according to the needs of the society.

Adds value to your work:

Evaluation research can help you add value to your social research. There are many social researches that give a lot of information on various social circumstances. However, with the help of evaluation, you can add value to your research. Evaluation will give useful insights which can help you make useful decisions and help create pragmatic solutions for the future.

Shows the progress of society:

Evaluation in social research can help you understand how the society is progressing. It usually takes years of extensive studies to understand the changes in the society. You can use evaluation just to understand and compare the results with previous studies to understand how the society has changed. This can help you make assumptions about future changes in the society.  

Tests our progress:

Evaluation research also shows whether we are moving in the right direction or not. It tests the various aspects of society and analyzes whether they are moving in the right direction. In this way, you may suggest some ways to make society better.


The above guide shows the importance of evaluation research in social research. By understanding the above-given tips, you can now easily conduct a systematic assessment in social research to draw a meaningful conclusion.



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