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Aging back to the periods of India’s earliest civilization, Harappa and Mohen-jodaro, Humans here have been pretty hard working since their inception, and to their benefit, their best fined has been not-a-human, but an animal. Ox has been a compliment to human civilizations which has acted much more than a faithful servant. Present day resemblance of the strong and loyal creature is nothing stable than a Machine, A Tractor. Analysts and Agriculture activists call tractor, a Modern day Ox more than a tool for the establishment of the much awaited Mechanization of Indian Agriculture.
Importance of Walking tractor in a Farmer’s Life is much more and wider than what the first paragraph could explain.

Increase in Efficiency
Tractor being more powerful than a natural creature and more precise in this work has aided a farmer to its maxim. With accounting a general 5 times increase in a farmers capability, tractor has become a farmer’s best friend. Right from plowing the field to harvesting the crops, a tractor never leaves a farmer alone and this is why a tractor stays a dream machine for many of the farmers.

In addition to the efficiency, a tractor makes the process more reliable, as external factors such as Weather do not hamper its functioning. Therefore, it makes a mode of high dependency.

A Multi Purpose Physical Partner
Tractor not only acts as an agricultural tool but also satisfies many roles. Basic Transport Conveyance, Load Transfer, Fodder Transport, Travel, Power Generation of grain thresher machine and the lost does not have a certain end. Tractor not only works as equipment but as overall financial support to the farmer. Tractor in simple words is a complete automobile set, including car, trolley and any other addition which may be included in automobile.

In addition to the roles played by it, Tractor suffices the position of an elderly in the family.

Financial Support
Along with being a major support in the cropping season, the tractor is a strong support system in the non-cropping season too. A farmer when the fields are free and there is no source of secured income can rent his tractor to other farmers who sow other crops during the same time.

Along with this, the tractor can be modified into grain crusher in villages where the conventional chakkis are not available, this way it not only becomes convenient to families but also financial support for the Farmer or say tractor owner.

Other than these points, Tractor is not only a machine satisfying its duties and meeting the standards it is made for, but a tool to equip stability, financially and socially. Tractors these days come with a high resale value which acts a secure source in the state of emergency and save the farmer from severe repercussions. Buying a New Tractor and replacing the old one can be lumber some process but if the buyer makes sure to get acknowledged with the company and his assets, the tractor in itself can act as an aid.

Tractor as can be realized is a truly significant tool in entire Agriculture not only in a farmer’s life. Right from basic tasks of cropping to unconventional tasks of financial stability, a tractor does it all.


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