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Gutter cleaning becomes an inevitable task as the winter or rainy season approaches. One needs to make sure that their gutter is not clogged and enables easy passage for the water. But, you might hear about incidents where somebody fell off from their roof while cleaning their gutter. So, having proper knowledge about gutter cleaning and doing it safely is necessary.

Accidents are likely to happen when you do gutter cleaning all by yourself. However, the risk reduces a little bit if you appoint a professional as they know the process of gutter cleaning, and they have some advanced tools for the same. Over here, you are going to come across some of the major tips that you need to follow while you clean your roof gutter to avoid accidents. However, it is always recommended to hire professional gutter cleaning services to avoid any risk of injury.

Important Gutter Cleaning Tips:

  • Ladder safety: The first and foremost thing that you need to keep in mind while you clean your gutter is that you need to use the ladder safely. Maintaining ladder safety ensures that you are using a ladder that is capable of enduring great weight. It should be sturdy enough. A four-legged ladder and extension ladder are the best choice as they are quite stable and they can bear heavy loads. Proper inspection of the ladder to detect any defects and loose parts before climbing should be done.
  • Wearing gloves: While you clean your gutter, you must wear gloves as you are going to deal with the dirt that accumulated over the year. Since the dirt might contain sharp objects like torn metal shards or bird droppings, so it is better to wear a pair of thick rubber or leather gloves to avoid injury.
  • Use a gutter scoop: A plastic gutter scoop is the most appropriate one to scoop out the debris accumulated inside the gutter. It is also easily available in hardware stores and you can use it to remove the debris from your gutter. You can also use a plunger for the same.
  • Use a garden hose: After scooping out the gunk, flush out the remaining gutter gunk and debris by using a garden hose. The water force should be maximum, and you can use a jet-force hose for the same. Also, make sure that the downpipes are properly cleaned and do not get clogged.
  • Wear rubber shoes: Always wear shoes with rubber soles when you climb up on the roof to clean them. Rubber shoes ensure a firm grip and prevent any kind of accident. Cleaning the roof and then cleaning the gutter. You need to work on the greasy surface of your roof and you should use robber shoes to make it slip-resistant.
  • Check the electrical lines: Dropping off of power cables from the direct power line on the roof is a common occurrence. Therefore, it is advised to carry out a careful visual inspection before gutter cleaning. If you see any loose power line on the roof surface, immediately call an electrician and get it fixed. Otherwise, you can get affected and injured by electrocution.
  • Buy gutter guards: Last but not least, if you want to get rid of the tedious task of cleaning the gutter every year or if your gutter needs frequent cleaning due to clogging, then you need to use some strainers to protect your gutter. A good quality gutter guard eliminates the need for gutter cleaning frequently and saves a great deal of time and effort.

Now you know the important gutter cleaning and you can follow the above tips for your home.


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