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Lamination is a process that uses a lamination film and a machine that provides your valuable documents with maximum protection and preserves them. The outer plastic coating you get after lamination gives durability to your documents and makes them long-lasting. If you laminate your documents, those would look much more professional and would protect them from wear and tear and from spills and fingerprints that happen due to daily use. GBC laminators are mainly fully automatic laminators, manual laminators, and laminators for industrial use. Manual laminators use pouches for lamination.

GBC laminators for industrial use have the highest demand as they can laminate documents of high volume. Posters and banners that have a larger size than that of the standard document papers can be laminated using these industrial laminators. GBC laminators are of many types according to your need. They can serve both busy work environments and also are good for occasional use.

How Do Different Types of GBC Laminators Work?

The GBC manual laminators have plastic pouches are used inside which the documents are placed. Pouches are fused by heat that seals the document. There are various sizes of these pouches, but the most commonly bought are of A3 and A4 sizes. Pouch laminators are best suited for desktops used in small offices at home. They can be easily placed on a desk or stored away.

On the other hand, the GBC automatic laminators use fully automated technology. Compared to the traditional laminators using old technology, they increase productivity to to a greater extent. A type of GBC automatic laminator named Foton 30 is very innovative and is mostly used in industries. Automatic laminators can laminate about 30 documents of A3 and A4 sizes in one go. If the pieces are of ad hoc size, you can switch to the machine's manual mode. The roll cartridge used possesses dual sides, and hence these laminators do not need pouches.

What Are Some Benefits Of Installing GBC Laminators?

      They can be operated very easily

      They are handy

      Can serve the purpose of light and moderate use

3 main benefits of GBC automatic laminators

      They give highly professional outputs.

      The roll cartridge of roll type can be loaded easily in this type of GBC laminator.

      They are ideal for daily use producing high-quality laminations.

What are the main characteristics of pouches used in a GBC laminator?

The thickness of the laminating pouch or films is directly proportional to the rigidity of the result. In general, laminating pouches and films are approximately 80 to 250 microns in thickness. If you handle the laminator very frequently, you need to use thicker laminating materials to provide maximum protection.

What should be the measurement of documents that GBC laminators can laminate?

Different laminators can laminate documents of variable size and thickness. A3 laminator is in high demand in the market as it can laminate any document whose measurement is smaller than A3 size. You can go for A4 pouch GBC laminators if you want to laminate identity cards, office signs of A4 size, and A5 sheets. You can go for heavy-duty roll GBC laminators if the documents have A2 size or above.

10 GBC laminator models most commonly available in the market

  • GBC Swingline Inspire Plus
  • GBC Ultima 65
  • GBC Swingline Fusion 3000L
  • GBC Ultima 35 EZLoad
  • GBC Swingline Inspire
  • GBC Heat Seal H600 Pro
  • GBC Pinnacle 27 EZLoad
  • GBC Swingline Fusion 1000L
  • GBC Catena 65
  • GBC Heat Seal H450

Final Words

Finally, after assessing your requirements (frequency of usage, documents to be laminated, portability and price), you should go for a suitable model of GBC laminator that would best serve your purpose.


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