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Software testing is evolving day by day. with the rise in software development systems, software testing has been continuously advancing from one face to the other. Because software testing has carved a niche in software development articles it has been known to people about how important software testing is and how to go about it. The software testing game am will become pivotal and important in the next decade. With the amount of software development platforms data development capable of for software, software testing has played a huge role in providing bugfree and effective three systems for consumers and customers to use.

Because software testing is very important, every organisation and Enterprise needs to update their game, and come up with new and improved methods towards testing software being done properly and efficiently. Well in order to take your software testing game to the next level check out these 7 software testing trends which we feel will make it big in 2021.

We all know the future is far from simple, and predicting the software testing trends can be quite a difficult task. We are looking forward to it with optimism and enthusiasm and how to make everyone aware about the changes happening in the Software Development Industry.

So let's start off:

Codeless automated testing

Codeless automated testing is being built using artificial intelligence Technology and modelling technology that goes visually with software development technique. Which enables fast paced formation of test bases that can easily cater to enabled by the rules of automated testing tools.

Quality Assurance engineers will be able to create test models and create test case scenarios without having them to code any single line, or they can have zero coding knowledge which will eventually reduce the time that they spend on recurring test cases. This is one of the trend that is growing in the previous decade and will continue to grow in this decade as well.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence for automation

It is predicted and projected that artificial intelligence usage will be the river going factor in its simplicity with each facet that backs creative Technology just because of the growing number of apps that we use daily on our easily integrated and connected planet. Current statistics prove that the artificial intelligence market is anticipated and going to be about USD 6 – 7 billion dollars alone in North America.

For the entire world this number is going to be about USD 200 billion for the entire globe with respect to artificial intelligence Investments. Software testing and quality assurance teams can make use of machine learning and artificial intelligence in order to improve the automated test strategies and keep up with the current releases with the use of analytics and quality reporting.

Automated testing in Agile teams

Having to automate the testing procedure is one main method which adequately covers protest sequence using high coverage models in each and every sprint touch providing superior quality and simultaneous instant feedback pentesting software systems looking for Agile development.

The Agile project is backed by no automation testing in a waterfall taste model which proves its efficiency and capability in different stages. automated testing is happening to be mainstream as far as different verticals of software development is concerned. This is a trend that is happening and going to continue to happen in the coming year.

Growing demand for IoT and big data testing

The IoT sector is a fast growing industry which looks to incorporate internet access and availability and usage is almost all the things that we use daily. Inshort IoT will be able to adapt to the 5G International standard. IoT has been releasing several gadgets which use this technology in the market place and provides a variety of combinations for different testing between protocols, platforms and various devices.

The software testing industry is looking forward to raising the demand for Quality Assurance market and will provide performance security compatibility usability and integrated data testing for various devices and tools. Only a handful number of Companies and firms are able to implement integrated internet on things testing strategy successfully. Nevertheless this trend is looking forward to growing abundantly in the coming years.

Performance engineering

The growing number of platforms on which any software developed application that is running is able to define the current market and demands, the customer experience objective carries more weightage and provides the growing factor for software testing. Performance testing had become the driver for fast changing needs, and providing the need for shorter development cycles, and more frequent and iterative leases.

In response to this Trend software companies and IT firms have started considering a higher amount of priorities in providing a customer focused approach for testing software and maintaining quality standards on every single phase of the software development life cycle.

Blend of DevOps and Agile

The practice of incorporating Agile and devops methodology as a must to be the most preferred software testing approach that is adopted by many different organisations and software development forms.

Do you want to know the reason behind this? It is because mutual methodologies are perfectly aligned to favour and support fast paced development and strong teamwork between Quality Assurance engineer and software developers. Agile is being a constant procedure of development as well as testing and on the other side of the coin devops is famous for the association of cross departmental coordination and cooperation.

Higher Demands for Cyber Security and compliance of Risk

The industrial revolution has increased your risk factor for cyber security threats. With the growing Technology concerns moving rapidly towards a different future there comes the risk of abuse of software systems for self benefit. This must be avoided at all costs and should provide a way to bypass and preserve safety and security for different users, customers and consumers.

Cyber security along with software testing is a growing field which companies and firms and organisations are looking forward to safely securing their systems and adherence to different compliance standards.


So you see we have shared with you the 7 different growing trends for software testing which will make it big in 2021. if you are looking for a software tester then to contact us at enquiry@nimapinfotech.com with your requirements.


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