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In today's world, we are governed by technology. People have turned to technology when it comes to the safety of their loved ones or the protection of their businesses. CCTV security cameras have evolved surveillance, bringing benefits to businesses that go far beyond security.

CCTV security cameras have become the modern solution in terms of security and surveillance. It has proven to be efficient and cost effective compared to employing a workforce to maintain security. If you have decided to install a security camera system for your office or home, here are some important things to consider and think about before investing in them.

  1. Method of managing the surveillance

You have decided to install video surveillance in your home or office. The next thing to think about is how you will manage it, where you will store the feeds, how you can access them.

Whether you'll keep your feeds stored in a cloud using the internet, or keep it stored in a NVR using a hard drive or a microSD card.

  1. Number of cameras

Depending on your requirement, you must decide on how many cameras you require to be installed in order to cover the area you want to keep under surveillance.

  1. The positioning of the security cameras

You must survey and place the security cameras appropriately such that you can cover maximum area and reduce the number of cameras used in maintaining proper coverage. Keeping the camera hidden at the same time providing proper coverage will also prove more useful.

Keeping it hidden or exposed is your choice.

  1. Type of security camera

Now that you have decided now storage and positioning, next, you need to choose the right security camera with the appropriate features. Here are a few main features a security camera needs to have:

  • Wired/wireless security camera
  • Image quality 
  • Audio and motion sensor 
  • Tilt and zoom capability
  • Night vision 
  • Wide-angle coverage 
  1. Secure your equipment

Now that you installed your cameras, you must secure it from being tampered with.

Have two or more cameras providing coverage with overlapping areas so that even if one fails, the other will provide coverage.

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Conclusion: If you are going to access it using the internet, you should make plans to avoid your cameras being hacked from outside of the system.


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