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Non-Custodial Digital Wallets are the most important part of the Crypto world. Let’s explore what it actually is and how it can be helpful in today’s digital world. 

What is a Digital-Asset Wallet (Crypto-Wallet)?

Individuals can save and use cryptocurrencies with the aid of software or hardware known as a digital wallet.

Digital currency is quite different from traditional currency, cryptocurrencies, isn't any paper cash to carry around in a wallet or handbag. They do not have any physical representation; hence no one can touch it.   Yet, just as a bank account shows an account balance, individuals and businesses should know who owns crypto assets and how much is stored.  

Crypto Wallet is only system software that allows users to get access to their records on a public ledger by saving their public and private keys. Our Wallet is one of the safest and the best crypto wallet about which you can explore more here. 

A digital wallet is a programme that lets users hold, control, and transfer digital assets. The type of crypto wallet users select will rely on a number of elements, such as privacy, functionality, and user’s level of experience. 

Non-Custodial Wallet: What Does It Mean?

Non-custodial wallets are those wallets that allow users to have control over their wallets completely. Private keys are only given to the owners and they have exclusive control over their wallets. In other words we can say there is no third party and all the assets are fully secure and private via the private keys. 

Consumers obtain complete control over their virtual currencies since they possess the private keys to their wallets.  Our Wallet is a non-custodial wallet where the ownership of private keys are given to the users only and they can retain the assets. Non-custodial wallets are also called self-custodial wallets which reduces the risk of data being hacked. 

How do Digital Wallets Function?

The digital wallets use blockchain technology as its foundation and runs on the terms of primary keys; one is known as public key and another is a private key. Public keys are found on the blockchain, while the individual's private key and data are protected in a crypto wallet. Digital wallets like Our Wallet enable a safe process to authenticate a balance and transmit or accept transactions using the combination of both private and public keys. 

Public keys can be shared with others; it is actually being used as users' wallet addresses. Anybody who intends to deliver money to anyone will do so by using their public key whereas, the private key will be used by the users, to access the digital wallet and acquire access to digital assets.

One requires keeping their private key as a secret, one should make this doubly sure that no one gets access to these keys because the ownership holder of any cryptographic assets is anybody that has access to a private key.

How to pick the ideal cryptocurrency wallet for you

For beginners, an online digital wallet that can be used to purchase and sell currencies is frequently the primary option. Online Wallets like Our Wallet are considered to be the better option. When picking the ideal crypto wallet, take into account the following:

Hot versus Cold

Any digital wallet that is online, such like extensions and smartphone apps, is referred to as a “hot wallet.” Hot wallets are typically simpler to be installed and use. Hot wallets, however, also tend to be more prone to hacking and other technical flaws.

Any crypto wallet that is not online is referred to as a “cold wallet” which is also known as “cold storage”. This gadget, which plugs into your desktop, has a USB stick appearance. Although cold storage is typically safer, one should still follow certain fundamental safety procedures.


 Safety is a major concern for popular digital wallets including Our Wallet. A person should pick a crypto currency wallet with two factor authentication and other robust authentication features.

Accessibility and Integration

 Users must verify that the intended crypto exchange offers simple integration and compatibility for the preferred digital wallet tech in addition to specific crypto currency support.

Summing up

All digital wallets are built on the blockchain technology which is completely secure and private. There is no chance of getting hacked of their accounts if suitable security features are updated and users take all precautionary measures. Our Wallet is the digital wallet that provides all basic features with complete security. If you want to download Our Wallet click here, it is available offline as a smartphone app. 

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