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Important Tools Every Quality Control Inspector Should Carry To The Inspection Site

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Quality control inspectors play an important role in inspecting the products before shipment. If you live in another country and cannot keep an eye on the manufacturing process in China, then a quality control inspector will do the needful. 


You’ve signed up for China inspection services but still, wonder what tools they should carry to the inspection site. As you move forward, we have highlighted the tools they should carry to the site. Take a look to understand how they can approach an inspection with different tools. 

What Does a Quality Control Expert Do? 


When a business opts for a product manufacturer in China, they want to know the quality of the product before it reaches the destination. Since the manufacturer is in China, it is difficult to come to the country and keep an eye on the manufacturer. But just before the manufacturer ships the products, you can hire a quality control expert to inspect the products. 

They verify the quality of the product before it gets shipped to you. If something needs to be improved, these quality control experts let the manufacturer know the defects or the improvements one can make. 


The quality of each product should be good and meet the guidelines of the manufacturer and the business owner. These quality control experts use different tools to inspect the products. As you move forward, we have mentioned the names of the tools. 


Tools Every Quality Control Inspector Needs For Inspection 


  1. Phone Camera: In case of any defects, the QC expert will click a picture of the product and the defect. They can show it to the manufacturer or the business owner.  They also have the authority to use these photos in the QC inspection report. The buyers who purchase the product from the seller can see this inspection report. The camera quality should be excellent because some defects cannot be seen if the quality is bad. Also, the QC inspector can take a video of the manufacturing process too. In case they see any mishaps, defects, or problems, they can take a photo or a video. 
  1. Adhesive Tape: A QC inspector can check the quality of the product by sticking an adhesive tape and pulling it off. If the paint or any other coating comes off, there is a problem. The inspector can report this defect to the manufacturer. Adhesive tapes are easily available in stores and don’t cost much. Adhesive tape can be in any other home. Still, it is an important part of the inspection process. 


  1. Retractable Tape For Measurement: The QC inspectors need a retractable measuring tape to check the parameters of the products that are ready. It is the manufacturer's job to ensure the specifications are met. QC inspectors should keep this tape during the inspection because the measurement should be apt. 


  1. Calipers: A caliper is another important tool a QC inspector needs. They give you precise measurements. The inspector can measure tiny products and features. Calliper is a tool that is used for measuring the diameter. 


  1. A Notebook and a Pen: Quality Control inspectors should keep taking notes when visiting the site. They should keep a notebook and a pen to write down their comments. If the expert sees any defects or scope for improvement, they can write it down in the notebook. These things may seem basic, but a QC inspector HAS to bring a notebook and a pen. It can’t be that they can remember the exact defects or improvements that need to be made. 


  1. Defect Stickers: Some QC experts carry defect stickers to these inspection sites. They can put stickers on products that are defective. 


  1. Labeling and barcodes: This may be a part of some inspection processes where the inspector sees if the labels and barcodes are clear and easy to read. The details in the barcode should be accurate and clear too. So, a QC expert will also make this a part of the checklist. Reading these labels and barcodes should not be a manual process. An application on the phone helps them read barcodes and labels. 

Why is Quality Inspection Important? 


Quality control experts must be prepared for the inspection and carry the necessary tools to finish their job. Preparation is needed! As for quality inspection’s importance, yes, as a business owner, you want your products to be delivered perfectly. But before the products are delivered and the manufacturer sends them to you, a QC inspector will ensure you get what you were promised. 


QC experts have the authority to hold, pass, or reject a product or several products from getting shipped to the buyer. So, it is the manufacturer’s duty to ensure the highest quality products.


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