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Important Types of SS Pipe Fittings

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Leading Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings Manufacturers in India


Kanakbhuvan Industries LLP is a leading manufacturer of Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings in India.  We have been recognized as the largest Long Radius Bend Suppliers in Mumbai. We are a leading SS Pipe Fittings Manufacturer, Slip-On, and Blind Flange Supplier in countries such as the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Kuwait, and Dubai. Kanakbhuvan Industries LLP is a major seller of stainless steel tanks, flanges, ferrule fittings, sight glasses, and pipe fittings in India. We have excellent formability, corrosion resistance, and surface polishing capabilities.


Types of Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings

  1. Stainless Steel Elbow: Elbows come in a variety of angles (90°, 45°, and 180°) and are used to shift the direction of the pipe while maintaining fluid flow. They are essential for guiding pipes around obstacles or making bends in the system.
  2. 2. Stainless Steel Tee: Tees feature three exits and are utilized in pipe systems to combine or split fluid flow. Depending on the necessary flow distribution, they are available in equal and unequal designs.
  3. Stainless Steel Reducer: Reducers are used to join pipes of varying sizes. They are classified into two types: concentric (equally reducing the diameter) and eccentric (moving the centerline of the pipes).
  4. Stainless Steel Coupling: Couplings are used to join two identically sized pipes. They come in full and half sizes to make installation and maintenance easier.
  5. Stainless Steel Cross: Cross fittings have four outlets and are used in systems requiring equal division of fluid flow.
  6. Stainless Steel Cap: Caps are used to seal the end of a pipe, preventing fluids or impurities from leaking into the system.
  7. Stainless Steel Nipple: Nipples are small, straight portions of pipe that are used to connect or extend other fittings. They can have male or female threads or a mix of the two.


Characteristics of SS Pipe Fitting 

  1. Corrosion Resistance
  2. Durability
  3. High-temperature Resistance
  4. Longevity and Cost-effectiveness
  5. Ease of Maintenance

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Website: kanakbhuvan.com

Product Source: Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings Manufacturers in India and Monel 400 Flange Manufacturers in India

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