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Quite a little heritage and premium brands use custom rigid boxes for packaging their top-of-the-line products. Whether they operate in the fundamental markets or use e-commerce platforms, these business entities order the best deals. These cardboard-based custom boxes crafted by the packaging and printing industry offer the perfect solution to satisfy customers. In modern times, the customers gauge the product quality and the brand reputation in the market through the product packaging. Vibrant and robust packaging with protective and functional features makes them think the company has a good position. It can invest in producing quality products with equally attractive and multi-purpose packaging.

In a rigid box, the companies offering packaging and printing services use the best cardboard stocks for their orders. Any seasoned company with experience is well-aware that these boxes, when touched, seem like wooden boxes. It is because they are built to offer longevity and durability. The sturdiness of these boxes makes them ideal for packaging fragile and valuable technological items. Most companies rely on these customized boxes to add to the worth of their products. The premium printing of visual content on them transforms their looks into mesmerizing encases that every customer wants to own.

Add-ons Used To Augment Appeals of A Rigid Box

The add-ons and finishes used for this packaging are selected according to the clients’ preferences. The layouts are also selected accordingly, but the product plays a significant role in sleeting the box style. These boxes come in more than one style. Some are called two-piece or lid-off boxes. These boxes have separable or detachable lids. Other styles in these boxes have tops that are permanently attached to their bases. Countless variations in styles are available in this type, and the former one is for the nosiness entities looking for amped-up packaging options. The classic book style is one of the most popular ones that provide users with an easy opening and closing mechanism. It also ensures that the branding elements are well-defined on the packaging.

To enhance the attraction of these boxes further, the packaging and printing companies use finishes including;

Complete or Spot UV coating helps lend a finesse look to the packaging in high gloss. The clients can select to cover the entire box packaging using this feature or specific areas to highlight them. Spot UV is ideal for creating optical illusions on the box surface, which remain visible even in dim lights.

Foil stamping – is an old technique of using paper with material that adds a metallic sparkle. With the evolution of the printing industry, colors other than gold and silver are available for visual content on retail packaging.

Embossing – to highlight specific areas, including the branding elements of the boxes, they are embossed that catches the attention of the customers.

Use of Rigid Packaging in Various Industries

The use of rigid apparel gift boxes is very popular among high-fashion brands and the top fashion houses. It helps them differentiate their product using packaging. The same is the case with perfume companies. The most revered names in the perfume industry come in charming packaging drenched in appeals. The heritage brands of the watches and jewelry industry use the best of these boxes to package their products most desirably. These boxes have appropriate fences, separators, and display features, like mini cushions to make the product look attractive. They also offer the best storage option for storing the items between use. It is important to select the best packaging company before placing orders.


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