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Sales development and sales automation software is a key component of any sales professional's tech stack. It allows you to automate the process of finding, qualifying, and closing deals with SDRs and it can also be used for recruiting and training new ones.

SDR software?

SDR software is a tool that helps salespeople with their sales development activities, such as tracking SDR performance and progress, managing the sales pipeline, automating tasks, and saving time.

Sales development?

Sales development is the process of building relationships with potential customers. It’s the first step in what sales teams need to do in order to close deals and move them through the pipeline.

Sales development helps you identify, qualify and nurture leads so that they become qualified candidates for your sales team. In other words: it gets them excited about your product or service before they ever reach out to you.

What does SDR software do?

SDR software is a CRM tool for sales development reps. It allows you to track your leads and manage your sales pipeline, helping you manage any gaps in the process, identify opportunities for improvement and ultimately improve performance.

It also helps with managing:

  • Your SDRs – this includes both new hires as well as existing employees who need some training or support on how things work within their department.
  • Their tasks – include everything from setting up meetings with potential targets through follow-up calls after these meetings have been completed, all the way down through closing deals once they've been signed up by both parties involved (your company vs theirs).

SDR software function.

SDR software manages sales pipelines. It can be used in conjunction with other tools, such as CRM or marketing automation software and it's not the only way to manage your sales pipeline.

Can I use it to recruit SDRs and train them too?

You can use SDR software to recruit, train and track the progress of SDRs.

  • Recruitment: You can use this feature to identify top candidates and reach out to them directly or through a third-party platform. We have industry experts available.
  • Training: Training is another important area where SDR software comes into play it allows you to track the progress of each candidate as they go through their training program so that when it's time for them to start working on actual deals, there won't be any surprises about what needs improvement before then.*Tracking Progress: With our Sales Development Rep tracking system (SDR), sales professionals will have access not only from within their own organization but also from outside sources such as customers or prospects which means no more missed opportunities because someone forgot about them.

Try out an SDR software and sales development automation tool to see how they can help increase productivity.

  • Try out an SDR software and sales development automation tool to see how they can help increase productivity.
  • See how it can help you improve your sales pipeline, or recruit and train SDRs.
  • Integrate with the rest of your outreachly.com, including CRM, marketing automation, and more.


Once you have a clear idea of what your SDR software needs to do, it's time to take action. This could be as simple as training yourself on the basics or downloading an app and learning more about it from there. If you're looking for a new tool that can help with your recruitment process, consider trying out an SDR software and sales development automation tool like outreachly.com (or) CRM.io Both are affordable options with free trial periods available for each product so you can test drive them before committing.


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