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The effects of COVID-19 pandemic over the food supply chain management are not that satisfactory as the entire food industry has faced a huge loss. If we get into the overall global food waste rates, it has been predicted to be somewhat on the rise during this pandemic time ever than before.

Also, there came a food crisis which we can’t even handle. As a result, the demand for having quality food gets risen among the public and the overall value of food products with high nutritious value like the meat and beef has touched the peak nowadays right after the pandemic outbreak.

Well; what are all the factors actually supporting out this demand and what are all the measures to be taken both by the government and the people towards meeting this everlasting demand? Come; let’s explore it in this blog further.

Generally, people are not quite concerned about getting the information on how and from where the food or meat products they consume gets originated, produced and supplied. But with the emergence of various food safety issues like fraudulence, and unethical packaging and indeed with the serious impacts of COVID, people has automatically come to a situation that they need to check for the quality and safety of the products and there is no way for them to let it go. Here is where the supply chains try to find a perfect solution that could help emphasize the need of today’s demanding consumers.

Do you have any idea about what could be that unique solution? Yes! It is none other than the potential-rich and promising technology blockchain. Blockchain, with its tremendous use-cases in every industry has made it a skyrocketing technology of the future business space and the industry of food and meat is not an exception to this.

Need for food safety and the measures to be taken to preserve it even at times of pandemic:

Food plays a major role in human lives helping the immune system to be getting energized always. Without food, life is not at all possible not only for humans, but also for the other creatures in the world. Here is where the importance of maintaining food safety comes in.

Effectual supply chain management could help attain the food safety that the consumers really deserve. It can be shaped up easily from the governmental side right by implementing SCM data science, abbreviated as the supply chain management data science. SCM has the fullest potential to address out the supply chain complexities and to predict the future outcomes of any food or meat product manufacturing and supply.

By the way, the quality of the products gets enhanced automatically, so that there are more probabilities for the customers to have all their demands met at the right time with ease. This is how the SCM and beef industry blockchain have impacts over the global consumer behavior.

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