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In 2022, Scrap Metal Will Be A Top Scrap Recycler

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Will selling scrap metal near me be a profitable venture? The short answer is yes.  Australia’s scrap metal recycling industry is expected to boom in 2022. But, if you’re planning to enter the market, you’ll need to understand how it works.

The Current State Of Australia’s Scrap Metal Recycling Industry

The recycling industry has not been lucky in 2020 and 2021. Unfortunately, the slowdown in economic activity has also reduced the demand for scrap metals, causing the market to decline by millions of dollars.

The good news is that experts believe that there’s nowhere to go but up from here. The year 2022 is expected to be much better for the industry, with research suggesting an increase of up to 4.8%. The market is currently valued at about $2.5 billion, positively affected by rising export volumes and industry expansion.

As a major manufacturer of metal products, Australia produces 5.3 million tonnes of steel, 1.5 million tonnes of aluminium, and 1 million tonnes of copper each year.

Metal wastes are also a valuable source of revenue, with Australia exporting more than 2 million tonnes of recyclable steel, aluminium, and copper to China, Vietnam, India, and more.

Getting The Best Prices For Scrap Metal Near Me

Another great thing about scrap metal is that it will always be in demand. Steel, aluminium, copper, and more are non-renewable, which means manufacturers are constantly looking for their recycled counterparts.

Are You Interested In Selling Some Scrap Metal? The Prices You Can Expect To Get Will Depend On The Following Factors:

  • The quality of your scrap metals, such as its cleanliness, lack of impurities, and grade
  • The amount of scrap metal you’re selling
  • The season or time of year when certain materials have greater demand
  • The demand of foreign markets for recycled metals
  • The market prices of freshly mined ore

Imagine if you collected 1000kg of copper and steel at home. To sell them for a better price, you’ll first need to separate the scraps. This is because steel is a ferrous metal while copper is non-ferrous.

Once you’ve separated them, you’ll need to clean the metals. Make sure they don’t have any contaminants such as oil, lubricant, and dust, ensuring that the recycler will accept them immediately. Avoid selling scraps with asbestos, corrosive liquids, and radioactive materials.

Finally, you can check the current prices of scrap metals in Sydney. Their value can depend on the factors above, but some recyclers will pay a bit more than others.

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