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Distillation is a time-honored technique for removing impurities and concentrating desired compounds from raw materials by controlled heating and cooling. The technique, originally developed for the extraction of essential oils and petroleum, had been modified for use in the processing of cannabis (both hemp and marijuana).

Even as far back as the fourth century BCE, Aristotle stated, “Seawater can be made consumable by distillation as well as wine and other liquids can be submitted to the same procedure,” suggesting that CBD Distillate had been around for quite some time. However, other scholars argue that there is evidence of basic distillation technologies as early as 2000 BCE.

Although stills and collection chambers were used in the early stages of distillation, more sophisticated methods have developed over the centuries. Today, laboratories use cutting-edge technology and distillation methods like steam distillation, vacuum distillation, and fractional distillation to produce specialized extracts for individual clients.


Complex Full Spectrum CBD Distillate begins with separating the cannabinoid-containing trichomes from the hemp plant material using a solvent like ethanol or high-pressurizedCO2. This results in an unappealing CBD oil that is still heavily diluted with chlorophyll and lipids from the plant. Winterisation is a further step that eliminates these contaminants by immersing the crude CBD oil in ethanol and freezing it for 24 hours. After the process of winterization is complete, the residual cannabinoids are activated by heating the filtered product, a step known as decarboxylation. Now that the CBD oil has been extracted, it can be distilled to isolate the active chemicals in hemp.

Varying chemicals in the hemp plant have different melting points and boiling temperatures. Extractors take advantage of this fact by employing a process called short pass or fractional distillation to separate and purify the CBD in crude form. The crude CBD oil is heated under pressure in a boiling flask to highly precise temperatures while being continually agitated by a magnetic stirrer. Upon reaching their boiling points, the compounds boil off and condense into a vapor. In another chamber, this vapor is cooled by a coil and condenses back into a liquid.

Each chemical is separated into its collection chamber and any remaining impurities are filtered out. To ensure that all of the various chemicals are recovered, multiple passes are often performed at different temperatures (this is also how most of the psychoactive THC is filtered out, keeping the product tegal). In this way, we know that CBD Distillate cannot produce intoxication. Once the extraction process is finished, the desired compounds can be combined with other known compounds to create a specialized formulation that meets the needs of the target audience and applicable regulations.


In its original form, CBD Distillate was extremely similar to an isolate because all of the compounds were removed during the distillation process, leaving only CBD. To get the full advantages of Full Spectrum CBD Distillate, however, it is common practice to reintroduce the additional beneficial cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes that were also gathered during the extraction process.

The entourage effect is a notion that suggests the optimum effects of cannabis oil are seen when the hundreds of compounds contained inside the plant are taken at the same time and can function synergistically.

WHAT IS CBD Distillate FOR?

Because of its thick consistency, CBD Distillate is typically found in vape cartridges. Other kinds of CBD, which can also be full or broad spectrum, are typically used in products like topicals and oils.


Choosing the best CBD product for your requirements might be challenging because there are so many to choose from. If you're seeking the complete range of advantages from hemp products, we here at Imperial CBD Extraction recommend Full Spectrum CBD Distillate. Distillate vape carts provide the best flavor profile and, in our opinion, the most relaxing effects of any CBD vape cartridge on the market.

Imperial CBD Extraction's CBD Distillate

CBD Distillate is available at Imperial CBD Extraction if you're interested in incorporating it into your routine. Full Spectrum CBD Distillate is mostly distributed by vape carts, with numerous alternatives available at Imperial CBD Extraction;

Excellent Quality CBD Cartridges

Our personal favorite Imperial CBD Extraction product was the High Kind 510 thread vape cartridges, and this has been true ever when we first tested them. Each cartridge has 2.5 grams of CBD Hemp or Cannabis Sativa terpenes and 5 grams of distillate oil from cannabis (The artisan cartridges contain carefully crafted botanical terpenes, instead of the hemp or cannabis Sativa terpenes). Their disposable cartridges are compatible with our Vessel and Yukon Uni Pro batteries, providing you with a portable yet a discrete way to vape CBD.

Amphora CBD Infused Cartridges

The 510-thread vape cartridge by Infused Amphora takes a novel tack in the growing CBD industry. Infused Amphora does not concern itself with imitating the taste of cannabis or making the strongest oil available; rather, it is concerned with providing the maximum benefit to the customer. The cartridges combine pure Full Spectrum CBD Distillate (at 20% concentration) with natural terpenes that work together to improve several aspects of health. The result is a carefully designed cartridge that is, in our experience, the smoothest option currently available. With options like “peace,” “inspire,” and “mend,” Infused Amphora hopes to help you choose the perfect cartridge. Their disposable cartridges are compatible with our Vessel and Yukon Uni Pro batteries, providing you with a portable yet a discrete way to vape CBD.

CBD Oil Extract Cartridges by Labs

When it comes to tanks with a 510 thread, few manufacturers can compete with Extract Labs. Every cartridge has 500mg of pure, full-spectrum CBD Distillate. These cartridges are packed with quality ingredients like cannabidiol (CBD), cannabidiol (CBG), cannabidiol (CBT), and terpenes for an exceptional vaping experience. Their disposable cartridges are compatible with our Vessel and Yukon Uni Pro batteries, providing you with a portable yet da discrete way to vape CBD.



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