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A stoma, an artificially made opening, is used to redirect effluent (faeces, urine, or mucous) to the outside of the body when an ostomy is formed surgically from the urinary tract or intestines. Stomas often protrude above the skin, are wet, spherical, and pink to red in colour, without any nerve feelings. When a portion of the bowel or urine system needs to be removed due to disease, ostomy procedures are carried out. Ostomy Care is the term for the stoma's output, which might be urine, faeces, or mucous.

The portion of the intestine that was used to create an ostomy determines its name. A colostomy is the formation of a stoma from a portion of the colon (large intestine), in which the intestine is pulled through the abdominal wall and linked to the skin, channelling normal intestinal faecal waste through the stoma rather than the anus.

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