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Now that you know more about the concepts and advantages of Inbound Recruiting, you need to think about how to apply it in the recruitment and selection process of your company. So we are going to show you some steps that need to be taken into account when using this technique.

One of the first concepts of Marketing that need to be aligned with the entire execution team is the Customer Journey which, in the case of recruitment, we can call it the Candidate's Journey.

Technicians are well-versed with the brass tacks of the services/products, which they provide support for. If IT Technicians are unable to resolve a problem, it is escalated to the senior team.

Before the talents and potential candidates get interested and apply to a vacancy, they go through some steps of an Inbound Recruiting funnel, very similar to the Inbound Marketing sales funnel.

The main steps in this recruiting funnel are: attraction, conversion and closure. Below, we’ll explain what each step means and how you can take them across your business.


This first stage of the funnel is where professionals have their first contact with your company, whether in the search for vacancies or simply information about the corporation. It is at this stage that visitors will have their first impressions about your employer brand.

Having a well-designed, responsive and accessible institutional website for all users is essential for your brand to be consolidated, as it makes a good impression on those who access it and this can contribute to making them feel attracted to your company.

As the goal is to bring people closer, your website needs to have relevant content that will attract the attention of those who are browsing. To ensure a greater reach of your brand, you can also invest in paid media, sponsored links and publications on social networks, not just getting stuck to your website. To do this, you must define your persona very well, so that you will be able to reach exactly those people who have a culture aligned with that of your business.

Strengthen your employer branding , that is, your visibility as an employer brand is also extremely important for this phase of attracting leads. Be transparent about the company's culture so that it is always well aligned with all its employees so that, thus, they also act as promoters of the company in which they are a part.


The second phase of the Candidate's Journey is the conversion, where we transform who was just a visitor to your site to a potential candidate for a specific vacancy, a lead. We conquer leads from the moment when visitors provide personal information such as your name, email and professional training for example, in exchange for informational materials, such as Newsletters, e-books, among others.

This is the middle of the recruitment funnel, a phase in which we must pay attention to the nutrition and qualification of the leads that we have just converted. This nutrition happens through the content we offer them from the moment they filled out the forms on the website's landing pages.

Rich materials, sent to leads, need to inspire them to fill vacancies in your company and, therefore, their content is more advanced than that of the attraction stage. They must contain articles and testimonials from employees, for example, that show in a real way, what it's like to work for your brand.

It is also necessary to have a concern with the user experience in the forms and registration pages in general, as the filling out of these must be quick and intuitive. Thus, the chances of you becoming a real candidate are even greater.


After talent is applied to the vacancy, this is the bottom of the recruitment funnel. Here, it becomes necessary to redouble the attention regarding the selection processes that are being applied by your recruitment team.


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