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There is no playbook for nonprofit leadership, nonprofit leadership development training strategy and fundraising You experience unique challenges everyday When these challenges threaten to break what you and your passion have worked hard to shape, work with Kari to build your nonprofit from the inside out.

There is no playbook for nonprofit leadership, strategy and fundraising. You experience unique challenges everyday.

When these challenges threaten to break what you and your passion have worked hard to shape, work with Kari to build your nonprofit from the inside out.

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Have you been a part of a nonprofit organization changing Executive Director leadership? If you answered yes, you know it can be a confusing time for employees and board members. Leadership changes may look like a whirlwind taking over the organization. However, a change in leadership also provides an opportunity to reassess the organization’s strengths and challenges. It can also help refocus and motivate staff towards achieving goals.

During these transitions, it is critical that staff, board members, donors, and partners have confidence that the organization can carry out its daily operations. There needs to be someone in charge of navigating this process.

Interim Executive Director Services helps organizations during the period of time when an Executive Director has left and a new person hasn’t been hired.

When I mention nonprofit succession planning to a room of Executive Directors, it usually results in a look of panic. No one wants to think about a beloved leader retiring or moving on to pursue a new opportunity.

Unfortunately, the reality is these things are life changes that occur on a regular basis. How many times have you been in a staff meeting when an announcement is made that a team member is moving on? It can immediately shift the energy in the room. Depending on the situation, you may have felt panic, fear, frustration, sadness, or even excitement. Succession planning is a way to mitigate the negative impacts of an announcement like this. Having a succession plan builds trust and confidence during transitions. Without pre-set succession planning, even the most successful nonprofit organizations have struggled because they did not have a plan to fill the void of a high-performing team member.

Thanks for stopping by the Incite! site. Looking for a quick bit of advice? Need to talk through a potential issue or opportunity? Board dilemma? Staffing conundrum? Fundraising crisis? Need to make sense of your day? Let’s talk. Incite! knows how frustrating it is to shoulder the weight of the world or not know how to start an overwhelming plan.

What makes working with me different from other nonprofit consulting firms? I like change. I like it a lot. I don’t just embrace it when it lands in my lap– I actively seek it out. (I’m from Montana and I love me a good dust up!)

Walking into an organizational mess, rolling up my sleeves, taking everything apart, figuring out what needs to be fixed and what needs to get the heave-ho motivates and excites me. But it’s not over yet; putting what’s left back together so it’s better than ever is truly rewarding.

Since I started in the non-profit sector 24 years ago, I’ve had the good fortune to work with more 200 nonprofits and their leaders, but I messed up a lot along the way and got a few bumps and bruises. Work with me and I’ll make sure you don’t make the same mistakes I did and see success with your own organization.

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