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 Increase Your Internet Connection’s Bandwidth to Boost Your Productivity at Home 

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Nowadays, with so many of us working from home during the workweek, it is more important than ever to be productive in the home office. A fast internet connection is crucial, but having your own workspace (away from kids and other distractions!) is also critical. 

If your internet connection is really slow, it may affect how productive you are, especially if you need to participate in video conferences with clients and coworkers. This is even more important if your kids are viewing Netflix movies or doing homework at home. 

What actions can you do now to maximize the advantages of your internet connection? Here are some tips by Electrician Narrabeen to assist you in finishing tasks more quickly. 

Apply cables 

Making the most of your high-speed Internet connection will be possible if you instal data cabling in your home. Nowadays, a lot of people utilize WiFi because it makes it simple for everyone in the house to have simultaneous access to the internet. This isn't the fastest option, though. 

Install data wiring in each space where people need to connect if you want them to be able to experience faster speeds. You can still use an Ethernet cable to connect your computer to the internet if you decide against doing it this way in order to ensure the fastest connection possible. 

Change the router's location for increased effectiveness 

It is crucial to position the router in the most optimal spot if you plan to use WiFi. That suggests you shouldn't hide it in the closet. The signal can be disrupted by objects like walls and doors, and even a simple router change can significantly affect how quickly a connection can be made. More space should be available around it, if possible. It should be positioned as close to the other internet-connected gadgets as you possibly can. 

Spend money on a superior router. 

As an alternative, you may just upgrade your router, which is a small change that could have a big effect on how quickly your internet connection operates. Invest in one that can be connected to repeaters, which will help the signal extend throughout your entire house. 

Fewer connected devices should be used 

The number of computers and other devices linked to the network could be reduced. If you have a lot of devices connected to the internet but aren't really using them, it's conceivable that your internet connection will grow slower (like smart speakers). 

As many devices as you can should be connected to the ethernet, and you should unplug any that are not in use right away. Your business laptop should be prioritised in this situation because many routers also let you set a device's priority. 

Make sure your wifi connection is secure. 

If you do not set a password to secure your WiFi connection, unauthorised users could connect to it and slow it down. Make sure the password you create for the account is difficult to guess. By doing this, you can keep your network's speed and security up. 



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