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Weh Island is a small volcanic island located northwest of Sumatra Island. The island was once connected to Sumatra Island, but was separated by sea after the last volcanic eruption in the Pleistocene period. The island lies in the Andaman Sea. The largest city on Weh Island, Sabang, is the westernmost city in Indonesia.

Pulau Weh diving is famous for its ecosystem. The Indonesian government has designated an area of 60 km² from the edge of the island both inward and outward as a nature reserve. Large-mouthed sharks can be found on the island's beaches. In addition, the island is the only habitat for the threatened frog, Bufo valhallae (genus Bufo). The coral reefs around the island are known habitats for many species of fish.

Scuba Diving is a diving activity to enjoy underwater diversity, and is done with the supporting equipment provided. You can hire equipment and an operator to take you diving, enjoying the underwater world while seeing various species of marine life and beautifully arranged coral reefs. Note that you may need a professional operator to accompany you on your dive.

In addition to its extraordinary natural beauty, Pulau Weh is also provides a number of exotic activity. Here are other activities aside of diving:

1. Snorkeling

The other activity beside of diving is snorkeling, which is to see and enjoy the life of biota at the depth of the sea surface. There are many equipment providers that you can rent to do Snorkeling, and don't be surprised if this is your first time. Because fishes with various types and colors will approach you kindly, what a memorable tourist experience!

2. Glass Boat Tour

The next marine tourism vehicle is suitable for you and your family who don't want to bother getting wet, but can still enjoy the beauty of the underwater. That is by renting a glass boat, which is a boat or boat that has a glass window on the floor. So you can see what's under the sea while circling Rubiah Island from Teupin Layeu with your family.

For those of you who are still confused about how to visit here, take it easy, the journey can be started from Sultan Iskandar Muda Airport or Batoh Terminal, from here just go straight to Ulee Lheue Harbor. Next, order tickets to Sabang Weh Island with 2 types of ships, you can choose one of them. After arriving at Balohan Sabang Harbor, head straight to Iboih beach which is only about 40 minutes away.



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