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Indian Restaurant in Melbourne

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We ordered a Tandoori Mixed Grill Platter as a starter at the owner’s suggestion. Minutes later, a greatly loaded platter still hissing and steaming on a grill plate landed before us, having a collection of tandoori poultry, chicken tikka, lamb chops, and some Indian kebab.

The tandoori lamb, specifically, is unforgettably savoury. Total with tamarind and mint chutney sauces for dipping, my first impression of the food had established a bench rather high for the rest of the dish.

For the major, my husband and I selected one ‘safe’ meal: Butter Poultry and one experimental dish: Goat Curry. I was delighted and a little worried about the goat curry, having never consumed goat in my life. The curry is made in a conventional Bhunao style, with the meat prepared in its juices. It turned out to be one of the best Indian curries and Indian food I have eaten to date. The Butter Poultry was also high quality and was suitable with the colourful Saffron Rice I ordered with it. Click here for more details Best Indian Restaurant Near Me.

Tandoori Flames have carefully matched their wine listing to their constantly advancing food selection. The French white I had with my dish was an exceptional instance of their choice of perfection. Delightfully light, it worked as a sublime accompaniment to the dish.


The accompanying Garlic Basil Naan was a tasty spin on the usual Naan bread I have had and a yummy enhancement to the meal.

At this point, having consumed practically to bursting, my hubby urged us to attempt the treat. He already had his heart set on Mango Kulfi and Gulab Jamun, so I consented. Currently, I have tried ‘Gulab Jamun at several events. For those who have never heard of it, it is primarily a deep-fried doughnut soaked in sugar syrup flavoured with cardamom.

My previous experiences with Gulab Jamun were generally gluggy, thick and also sickeningly sweet, and when my spouse got it at Tandoori Flames, I dubiously awaited its arrival. The Gulab Jamun that arrived before us completely differed from my previous experiences. It was fluffy, light, and luxuriously coated in delicately flavoured syrup. I virtually had to restrain my other half from getting a second assist. The Mango Kulfi (I believe the love-child of ice cream & sorbet) was distinct with a delicate, however authentic Indian flavour that I decided was cardamom.

Every recipe has such genuine flavour, however not overpowering the way some Indian food can be.

The Amusement – Stubborn Belly Professional Dancer Extravaganza

Every Saturday night around 8 pm at Tandoori Blazes, you will certainly locate a professional belly dancer trembling it left, right, and centre. Having never seen a tummy dance performance live, I ensured my reservation was around this time, and it was well worth the effort.

When the stubborn belly dancer appeared on the scene, I felt like I had dropped straight into a Bollywood film. Completed with fan-like wings, she danced her means around the entire dining establishment and also even handled to persuade a few of the patrons to have a dance with her, although some of them didn’t seem to require much persuasion. It was all stylish and also extremely amusing. Being somewhat of a stick pest on the dance floor myself, I will certainly stay amazed at how one little person can relocate their body swiftly and in numerous methods simultaneously. Click here for more information related to Best Indian Food Melbourne.

With a warm and friendly family ambience, Tandoori Blazes practically gave me the feeling that I went to a wedding party for a dear friend or relative. Kids have not hushed away on edge; there is a charitable dancing floor main to the room where a variety of little rascals frolicked the evening away. However, there is still enough space for the silent pair on edge to gaze right into each other’s eyes and not feel disturbed.

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